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Posted on Oct 10, 2013

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is famous for having endless plugin possibilities. If you need or want a feature for your website, chances are there's a plugin for it already – or one in the works. Chances are you probably already take advantage of at least a few plugins. Here are a few more that if you haven't already checked out, you may want to consider.

1. W3 Total Cache

If you want to improve your site’s performance, then you need this plugin and your visitors will thank you for it. The W3 Total Cache plugin increases the speed at which your web pages load, thus drastically improving the user's experience. Instead of having WordPress and the server generate your site’s pages each time a visitor wants to view them, this plugin generates them once and stores a copy that loads in a fraction of the time.

2. Livefyre Comments 3

This plugin turns your typical boring blog commenting page into an interactive, centralized conversation space. LiveFyre will connect to your WordPress database and write all of your comments back to one centralized location for you and others to easily interact with and get engaged with. You'll also be able to moderate, monitor and track all comments and conversations from the streamlined dashboard. If you're looking to boost the social interaction and comment conversations on your website, you may want to check out this plugin.

3. Search Meter

This simple but crucially useful plugin works with the search box on your website and records every search made on your site. You can then analyze the records of searches that are made, and which ones are successful. This will give you excellent insight into just what your visitors are looking for, finding, or wishing they'd find. You can then use these results along with your Google Analytics (link Google Analytics article here) to really make sure your website is offering your visitors exactly what they're looking for. This plugin is so good it should be mandatory.

4. WordPress SEO

Many people regard this plugin as one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress. With it you'll be able to completely control meta descriptions, page titles, redirects, search bot directions, and canonical tags. This plugin makes controlling all aspects of SEO seamless and simple, and will make your website optimized for search engine recognition.

5. Feedweb

Feedweb works like a poll on your website. You can ask visitors questions and they can quickly answer. The feedback you can obtain through Feedweb can be priceless for updating or changing around your site in ways that your visitors themselves would like. For example, if you try a new color scheme but you're not sure if it's good, you can ask visitors if they like it or hate it. Feedweb is an excellent way to see what your visitors think about your work. After all, their opinion matters.

There are tons of plugins available for WordPress, and certainly one to meet any sort of need you may have. These are just a few to get you started. But the possibilities? They’re endless.

What are some plugins you enjoy using? Please comment below.


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