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April 2013

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The X Factor: Effective video marketing

Over the past few weeks, I've talked a lot about different online marketing strategies you should think about using - social media sites, pay-per-click, continuing to advertise through email, and so on and so forth. Until now, I haven't given nearly enough attention to another extremely effective measure: video marketing.


Arguably the biggest difference between traditional marketing and online campaigns is that, in the latter's case, successful strategies require that you find ways to engage your customers. They're tired of you constantly telling them why they should buy a product; now they want to be entertained, they need visuals and they want to have a voice in the matter.


Video campaigns provide you with the chance to accommodate all of those desires. 


Kill two birds with one stone

By now, you've probably heard so much about social media marketing that you're getting a little sick of it. You've been told that social networking sites are a gold mine, that they're a great way to communicate with customers, they're effective for targeting your messages and improving the likelihood you come up in local searches. 


And those are just the benefits I've talked about. 


If it's any consolation, social media marketing has proven to be more than worth the hype. In fact, a recent study, which polled a group of SEO experts, found that social marketing is the top driver of website traffic for small businesses. SEO was also found to be a large traffic generator for small businesses.


Use Facebook to win over your local market

Written by Kevin Plankey
On the

If you're a local business owner, it makes sense that you want your company's listings showing up at the top of consumer search results. 


After all, it doesn't help a restaurateur based in Boston to have a California native land on his or her website while looking for a bite to eat. And it certainly doesn't benefit a local barber when a person halfway across the country is trying to get a haircut and winds up on your site. 


So how can you make sure your website is the first to show up? Tailor your marketing strategies to meet Facebook's local search requirements.


What 'local search' can do

According to Facebook's website, "local search is the use of specialized internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings." 

Want to boost your website traffic? Dig deep into keywords

Not too long ago, I compared your marketing campaign to the human brain. While other business components - from your website to sales representatives - compose different organs, the brain is what makes everything function the way it should.


Another apt analogy would be that online marketing is really like cooking, where you need the right amount of each ingredient, and if you don't have all of the ingredients the outcome can be quite disappointing.


Keywords: The "butter" of online marketing

If you're a baker, then pretty much everything you make includes butter at one step or another. 


Ignoring pay-per-click strategies? Do so at your own peril

Whether you're an online retailer or a book reseller, it makes sense that you want to ensure relevant people are ending up on your website.


There are many different ways you can go about it, not the least of which is utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) strategies.


Two effective PPC strategies

Simply put, PPC is a cost-effective marketing tool designed to increase traffic to a company's website. 


Are you worried about your marketing campaigns taking up too much time, or costing too much money? No problem. Here are two very simple, yet very effective, PPC strategies that any company has the resources to utilize. 


Social media - The tool that improves customer service, loyalty and sales

Written by Kevin Plankey
On the

Social media gets a lot of hype in the business world, to the point that it's been labeled a necessity. But is all that hype warranted? 


A recent study revealed that it is. Not only that, but the report indicated that you should be jumping at the vast opportunities social media marketing provides.


The survey polled decision-makers who have joined the world of social media, and they identified several advantages, including:


* Marketng (cited by 86 percent of respondents)

* Customer Service (73 percent)

* Sales (31 percent)


And those numbers appear to be on a steady incline.


How SEO can boost your website traffic

I'm not a psychic, but I feel comfortable making one prediction: you want as many people to visit your website as possible. 


If I'm right, and you want to find out how you can optimize your website for searches, keep reading.


Breaking down SEO's ironclad front

Still with me? Great! Now it's time to get to the fun stuff.


Simply put, search engine optimization (SEO) involves putting your website in the best position to come up in search results when a person is looking for something related to your company, industry, products, and/or services. But when it comes to SEO, Google is extremely secretive about revealing which factors are weighed the heaviest.


Website design: It's more than just a pretty interface

Written by Kevin Plankey
On the

Not too long ago, your only real website requirement was making it look nice. All you had to do was slap on a coat of pretty makeup, and your cutomers would be satisfied.


My, my, how quickly things change. 


While appearance is still a vital component of website design, it's far from the only one. Customers expect your site to:


- Be interactive

- Engage them

- Make everything easy to find


And that's only the Cliff's Notes version of the story. If you're on a budget, this might seem like a tall task, but you need to find a way. Here are three tips on how you can accomplish this without breaking the bank: