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May 2013

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Targeted ads hold the key to your customers' hearts

The modern-day, online consumer has built up quite the reputation. These shoppers are known to be needy, demanding, impatient and ... smart? 


There are plenty of people out there who have essentially grow up with the internet, and as such, they have come to understand all of the marketers' tricks. That means simplistic digital advertising strategies, including those that have worked in the past, might not be as effective going forward. 


When a shopper takes to the web, he or she typically has something of interest in mind. Think about it - if you're browsing the internet looking for new shoes, you probably don't care much for a video ad about sports memorabilia, especially one that takes over your screen. In fact, it might even annoy you a little bit. 


Five digital marketing strategies that will lead to ROI

If you're struggling to decide on a course of action for your online marketing campaign, I understand the frustration.


Navigating the digital world can be an immense challenge, especially because of the rate at which everything changes. There are times when you probably think to yourself, "Forget it. I'm just going to sit by my phone and wait for customers to call." Unfortunately, the days of building up your base exclusively with offline methods are over.


Eighty-five percent of incoming phone leads are due to an online presence.


The beauty of online marketing is that if other companies have tried a technique, there are ways to measure precisely how effective it's been. You don't have to think of a completely innovative strategy on your own - just go with the ones that have proven to be successful.


Three SMB challenges and how to overcome them

Repeat after me: "My digital strategy will be the key to achieving online marketing success in the future."


If you're in agreement with that statement, then consider yourself on track - even if you're struggling at implementing an effective plan.


Small businesses know how important their web presence is for presenting a desirable online identity and attracting new customers, yet don't fully understand how to achieve those goals, implement new technologies, or adapt to new trends as deftly as larger companies.