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The Advantages of Web Hosting over a Web Builder

The Advantages of Web Hosting over a Web Builder


Web builders make the process of getting a website online easy. They remove the need for any level of technical knowledge. Most use graphical interfaces which mean you can drag and drop the elements of your website into place, and you don’t have to worry about installing, configuring or coding. This is appealing, but there is another option – using web hosting and setting your website up manually.


Web hosting has many advantages over a web builder. Here are a few:




Resources for Web Design

Resources for Web Design


If you had to produce a cake for a party as soon as possible, how would you do it? Would you go and buy all the ingredients then spend a few hours baking? Or would you go to a cake shop and buy one already made? You would do the later, of course. We have resources at our disposal for almost everything in life – just like the cake shop. Those resources mean we can do things faster and better by utilizing the skills of others. Creating websites is no different, so here are some resources for web design.


Tutorials and courses