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Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You? 


Affiliate marketing looks to be an attractive way to make a living at first glance. You get to sit at home on the internet all day and, if you want, you can do it in your comfy pajamas. Plus you get to set your own hours and be your own boss. It sounds promising so far, doesn’t it?


But now it is time for the reality check: affiliate marketing is not all plain sailing. Before you get started you should really ask: is affiliate marketing right for you?


Get Rich Quick – Get Lost


Affiliate marketing involves getting people to click on links to merchant websites. If those people then go on to make a purchase, you get a commission. It sounds easy right? Well, it is not.


What You Need to Know About Google Hummingbird

What You Need to Know About Google Hummingbird


Hummingbird is the name Google calls its new search algorithm (the thing that determines which results to display when a user types in a search), and it means a lot for your website. Google says the name Hummingbird is used because of the “fast and precise” birds that we find in nature. So let’s have a look at the hummingbird so that we can get a better understanding of Hummingbird.


Agile, Vigorous And Sexually Potent


Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers.

#1 Post Signage / Advertise –

Last minute shoppers are in a rush so they do not have time to look for you, they may purchase from the first store, spa or restaurant that fits their needs, is convenient and well-priced. How will they know that your business fits their needs unless you announce it to them via a sign, an email or a social media post? Don’t forget to update your website as well, since many customers go there first.

#2 Make it Quick and Easy –

Top Five Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools

Top Five Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools


Who wouldn’t want to be called a “Master” of something? Not in the sense of a university degree, but a real master. The allure is not just about the title – it’s also about the tools and equipment that you get to use. For example, a quartermaster has control of an army’s night vision goggles and fancy weapons. Or what about a yacht master? Is there really anyone on earth who doesn’t want to be on a yacht? A kung fu master gets to wear a cool black suit and where would a master craftsman be without the appropriate tools. And we can’t forget Jedi masters who get to use light sabers. Finally, we have webmasters, who can make websites fast and safe with Google Webmaster Tools.


Cloud Hosting – What is it?

Cloud Hosting – What is it?


It’s not easy to come up with a simple metaphor to explain cloud hosting. One example is to use electricity and explain how a large grid serving millions of people is more cost effective and efficient than each one of those millions having their own mini electricity power station. But that is a bit boring. You could also use the sewage system and explain how it deals with increased loads, but that is a bit hard to stomach. Another idea is to discuss animal herds and how they are stronger, safer and more efficient as a group, rather than each animal trying to survive on its own. But this one is way too complicated!


So, the easiest way to explain cloud hosting is by using the example of your own business.

So here goes…


How To Build Your First Website

How To Build Your First Website


If you’re thinking about building your first website, it’s easy to feel daunted just by the idea. You might not be a programmer or professional website designer, or you may not even run a business. But that does not mean you cannot learn how to build your first website.


Just like riding a bicycle for the first time there are things that you will have to learn. And you might even fall off. But just about anyone can ride a bike. And almost anyone can build a website. You don’t even need to know any programming.


Let’s get the wheels in motion…


What Is A Domain Name?


Don’t Lose Your Data: Why Backing Up Your Files is Important.

Don’t Lose Your Data: Why Backing Up Your Files is Important.


In 1858 American oil explorer Edwin Drake invented something that was to change the world – the oil drill. He spent years toiling in difficult conditions and doing the hard work while trying different styles and methods of drilling until he hit on the one that worked. It was a breakthrough that should have set him and his family up for life. But he overlooked one critical thing – he failed to patent his drilling invention.


Do Download Speeds Matter?

Do Download Speeds Matter?


Do download speeds matter? Yes. That answer is an example of how internet users want websites to work: i.e. they want them to display instantly. When it comes to download speeds cuddles and tickles are unimportant – just get right into the action.


Website users crave speed the same way the boxer Muhammad Ali did when he was the heavyweight champion. He once said: “I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.” For Ali, fast wasn’t fast enough. You should have the same motto when it comes to your website.


But what is fast? The answer to that is two to three seconds at the most. That might not sound like a lot but two or three seconds is a long time in the world of the internet.


Google’s Hummingbird Update and What It Means for Your Website

Google’s Hummingbird Update Explained

When we would think of a hummingbird in the past, a hovering, graceful, pixie-like creature came to mind. Now that Google has used it to represent its latest algorithm update, correction; algorithm overhaul, the small creature now strikes fear in the hearts of internet marketers  and makes them quake in their booties!

What makes Hummingbird different from Panda or Penguin is that it is not a change to part of the existing algorithm, like those two cuddly animals, it is essentially a new algorithm. It is also the most dramatic change in 12 years and affects 90% of searches, according to Google.

What is an Algorithm?