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What is VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting?

What is VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting?


To get an understanding of the various web hosting options that are available you just need to think of the stages of adult life. Shared hosting is the equivalent of a person in her early 20s trying to establish a career. VPS hosting is like a person in her late 20s or early 30s who has a career, but has yet to settle down. Dedicated web hosting is like a person in her mid to late 30s who has a family, while cloud hosting is like a wise retired person who has a home. But spends most of her time traveling the country in a beautiful and luxurious RV.


Web Hosting Stages


Is your Online Store preparing for Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day for that matter)?

Is your Online Store preparing for Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day for that matter)?

Brick and mortar retailers are preparing for holidays earlier and earlier every year. Your online store should as well! If you have been thinking of selling your products online you should set up your website as soon as possible. If you are already an online retailer who sells products that are popular gifts, you should prepare at least a month in advance!

How to get your Idea Online – Quick Tips for New Businesses and Bloggers

1.       Just start, many people have a great idea but never implement it.

2.       Choose your business and brand names. This is how your business or product will be represented to the world. Make sure it is catchy and professional. (There are many articles online about funny but poorly chosen names.)

3.       Build a Website and Create Content. Provide as much information as possible about your business. Refresh and add to that content often to keep it current and relevant for your visitors. Consider starting a blog to promote your brand and interact with your visitors.

4.       Spread the Word! Make sure you take advantage of the free marketing credits that come with your iPage hosting account.

Building and Marketing a New Website

New Year New Website – Bringing your Design to 2014

New Year New Website – Bringing your design to 2014


In 1964 one of America’s most famous men - Isaac Asimov - was at the New York World Fair. Asimov was a fascinating man. He was born at the end of 1919 and he died in 1992. In his lifetime he was vice-president of Mensa International, a professor of biochemistry at Boston University, and a prolific science fiction writer. Building and designing websites wasn’t a thing back then. But his predictions about the future were scarily accurate.


While Asimov was at the 1964 World Fair he wrote an article for the New York Times predicting what life would be like in 2014. So, in the spirit of Asimov, here are some predictions for web design trends in 2014 to help you spruce up your website.


What You Need to Know About Google Hummingbird

What You Need to Know About Google Hummingbird


Hummingbird is the name Google calls its new search algorithm (the thing that determines which results to display when a user types in a search), and it means a lot for your website. Google says the name Hummingbird is used because of the “fast and precise” birds that we find in nature. So let’s have a look at the hummingbird so that we can get a better understanding of Hummingbird.


Agile, Vigorous And Sexually Potent


How to Build a Website for the True Beginner

How to Build a Website for the True Beginner


This article is almost as much about kissing as it is about building websites. And why not - there are not enough discussions about kissing in the world of website building, domains and website hosting. It’s right to expect more – in fact we should demand more kissing in the world of the web. Smooching never goes out of style. And either should your website.


How To Avoid Pitfalls When Choosing a Domain Name (Humorous)

How To Avoid Pitfalls When Choosing a Domain Name


Selecting the right domain name for your business is pretty crucial. But it’s also easy to unintentionally get it wrong. As an example, consider the website for the local newspaper in Winters, California. The website is the Winters Express. What could possibly go wrong? Well, take a look at their domain name written out as it would be in a browser: A winter sex press – really? Try to avoid these common pitfalls and learn how to market your website with meaning.


Cloud Hosting – What is it?

Cloud Hosting – What is it?


It’s not easy to come up with a simple metaphor to explain cloud hosting. One example is to use electricity and explain how a large grid serving millions of people is more cost effective and efficient than each one of those millions having their own mini electricity power station. But that is a bit boring. You could also use the sewage system and explain how it deals with increased loads, but that is a bit hard to stomach. Another idea is to discuss animal herds and how they are stronger, safer and more efficient as a group, rather than each animal trying to survive on its own. But this one is way too complicated!


So, the easiest way to explain cloud hosting is by using the example of your own business.

So here goes…


How To Build Your First Website

How To Build Your First Website


If you’re thinking about building your first website, it’s easy to feel daunted just by the idea. You might not be a programmer or professional website designer, or you may not even run a business. But that does not mean you cannot learn how to build your first website.


Just like riding a bicycle for the first time there are things that you will have to learn. And you might even fall off. But just about anyone can ride a bike. And almost anyone can build a website. You don’t even need to know any programming.


Let’s get the wheels in motion…


What Is A Domain Name?