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How a Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business

How a Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business


Whether you’re a business owner who sells products or services, chances are that you’ll put a customer on hold when another call or customer comes in. And then, when you finally get around to answering the phone, or paying attention to that customer, the worst thing happens. They ask something so simple and easy to find that you wonder why you even bother to respond. It could be a question like “Are you open?” when it’s 11am on a weekday and all of your lights are on. Or a question like “what hours are you open?” when the bright red store hours sign is staring them in the face.


How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may be some of your favorite things during the holiday season. But your website should also be somewhere on that list. Even if you don’t quite find the topic of websites particularly festive, here are a few ways you can get into the holiday spirit:


  1. Work on Your Website Content


Now is the time to start thinking about any special product launches or services you plan on introducing over the holidays. Here are some questions to think about as the holidays get closer:


5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is famous for having endless plugin possibilities. If you need or want a feature for your website, chances are there's a plugin for it already - or one in the works. Chances are you probably already take advantage of at least a few plugins. Here are a few more that if you haven't already checked out, you may want to consider.

1. W3 Total Cache

Keep Calm and Gmail On

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of small business owners more than changes at Google. You can probably deal with a lot of things in life, like Ben Affleck becoming Batman or your pre-teenage daughter watching Mylie Cyrus. But changes at Google may send you into fits of panic, like when they introduced the new Gmail inbox in May and the recent changes to Google Adwords. Yeah, remember that?


If you’re like many business owners, you may go through these four stages of dealing with the Google changes:


The Recent Changes to Google AdWords

The Recent Changes to Google AdWords

Just when you think you have the latest Google changes figured out, something new teeters through. When you're a small business owner, the last thing you want is to have your current strategy and approach taken for a roller coaster ride. Luckily when it comes to technology, you'll often find that your strategies and approaches are improved and things go smoother than before.


The recent changes to Google AdWords called for an adjustment of advertising campaign styles. The good news? Small businesses seem to benefit the most and fare the best in the face of these changes.


How to Keep Up with the Joneses of SEO

How to Keep Up with the Joneses of SEO


When it comes to SEO, making sure that the search engines and the humans viewing your content are happy and stay that way can be a lot of work. Luckily, a lot of what makes search engines pick up on your content and move it to the top of the search result rankings are the same things that make your viewers keep coming back for more.


Here are a few ways to keep up with the Joneses of SEO:


1. Create Content


How To Market Your Business on Twitter

How To Market Your Business on Twitter


Twitter might be an unexpected place to market your business. But it can make a huge impact. Using Twitter to market your business is not only important in the digital media world of today, but it's a fun and interactive way to connect with your customers. One of the many great things about Twitter is that it's easy to set up, manage, and use. Don't think of using Twitter as “another thing to do.” Instead think of it as simply a conversation that you're engaging in with other like-minded people who you'd want to talk with anyway. This conversation can boost your profits and help your business. Talk about friends with benefits!


Here are a few things you should consider before getting started:

Are Daily Deal Sites Right for Your Business?

Thanks to daily deal sites, the days of being a coupon-clipper no longer means you're some cheapskate who gets excited over a 25-cent-off coupon for toilet paper. After all, coupons were never thought of as cool until Groupon and Living Social came around (if you can remember that far back).


We all know someone who still clips good old-fashioned coupons. But you'd be hard-pressed to find someone today who doesn't once in awhile clip some virtual coupons. If you're considering signing your business up to offer a deal to your current and potential customers, there are a few things you should know and consider beforehand to get the best deal yourself.


How Daily Deal Sites Work


Four Unexpected Places to Network and Grow Your Business

We all use social media to keep up with what our friends and family members are doing. With a few taps and clicks you can tell thousands of people what's up in your life, and prevent FOMO. Fortunately for those with small businesses, there are a number of amazing social media outlets that you can use to grow and drive visitors to your website. These social media sites will not only grow your business and solidify your existing fans and customers, but will also expose your business to tons of potential customers as cheaply and easily as possible. Here are four unexpected places to network and grow your business.


1. Google Communities


The Four Top Small Business Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Having your own small business is one of the most freeing and fun ways you can make a living. But let's be real here – business is business, and business means business. Turning your small business dreams into a reality and keeping it going is challenging. Here are the top four challenges faced by small business owners and how you can tackle them.


1. Funding