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Marketing Your New Website

Marketing Your New Website


If you ask anyone involved in online marketing they will tell you that your work only begins once you finish building your new website. This is because the real challenge is getting people to visit your site. The internet is a busy place. And your competitors have deep pockets. But if you work hard, successfully marketing your new website is possible.

Software that Rules Our World

Why Blogging Software Rules the World


Blogging is the cornerstone of the Internet. It has created opportunities for writers to find new audiences and it gives those audiences information, advice and entertainment. Because of the blogging phenomenon right now you can learn about net neutrality or you can read about the eerily accurate predictions made in the movie Demolition Man. It is also easy to get started in blogging (as long as you can write, of course) as most of the blogging software that is available is easy to set up and even easier to use.