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Software that Rules Our World

Why Blogging Software Rules the World


Blogging is the cornerstone of the Internet. It has created opportunities for writers to find new audiences and it gives those audiences information, advice and entertainment. Because of the blogging phenomenon right now you can learn about net neutrality or you can read about the eerily accurate predictions made in the movie Demolition Man. It is also easy to get started in blogging (as long as you can write, of course) as most of the blogging software that is available is easy to set up and even easier to use.


Infographic Cheat Sheets for Web Design

Infographic Cheat Sheets for Web Design


iPage is proud to present a resources page for web design featuring cheat sheets and guides for WordPress, HTML, Javascript, RGB Color Codes, Marketing your Facebook Page and More!

Use the WordPress Reference Sheet to customize your WP themes. 

Use the HTML / Javascript Cheat Sheet to work on the features of a coded website.

The RGB Colors Sheet will help you get the right colors for your brand!

There are also Facebook and SMB infographics to help you with marketing your site.


Do you have a blog or site where you help others learn web design? Use the embed code to add the infographics to your site or share them on social media.



Why your E-Commerce Site Must Have a Pinterest account

Why your E-Commerce Site Must Have a Pinterest account


Social media gives businesses new tools to reach out to customers and ways to build your brand online. But deciding which social media platforms to use can be confusing - and flat out overwhelming. You’ll want to use the social media platforms that make sense for your business. But how do you know which ones make sense? Unless you’re a huge corporation, you can’t be everywhere. This means mindfully choosing the best platforms which best suit your business. And all things considered, if you’re in the ecommerce business, your site must have a Pinterest account.


What Social Media Makes Sense for Your Business?

What Social Media Makes Sense for Your Business?


Getting an invitation to a party or event is usually a good thing. But that warm feeling you experienced when you received the invitation can quickly disappear when you notice that no dress code is mentioned. Figuring out what to wear is already a task. But when you have no idea what everyone else will be wearing, it’s excruciating. The only thing worse is actually appearing at an event dressed inappropriately. Cringe-inducing.


The Top 5 Promotions To Run on Facebook

The Top 5 Promotions To Run on Facebook


Facebook business pages are a bit like nightclubs as there are two broad types. You can use Facebook’s Graph Search to see the first nightclub as a place that is hiving with people (the right sort of people), queues down the block, and a general buzz of excitement. The second is a depressing place containing a handful of sorry souls drinking away their sorrows.


It’s not hard to decide which nightclub you’d prefer. And it’s the same with Facebook: your business Facebook page should have the crowd, the buzz, and the excitement. But how do you get it?


One proven method is borrowed directly from the world of nightclubs – run promotions.


How to Understand Facebook Graph Search

How to Understand Facebook Graph Search


Facebook is one social network that prevents (and often causes) Fear of Missing Out. But there’s another side to the psychology of this, a concept called Motivated Forgetting. It’s a debated topic but it is one that is embraced by a number of doctors. In simple terms it’s the ability to forget experiences that make you angry, sad, anxious, ashamed or afraid. Your brain blocks the memories to protect you. Facebook Graph Search is the opposite of Motivated Forgetting – it remembers everything!


Why your business should be on Google+

Why your business should be on Google+


Remember when you were a child and your mother told you to stop doing something? As you got older you probably started answering back: “But why can’t I do it?” And you probably heard this response on several occasions: “Because I said so.” So, why should your business be on Google+? It should be on Google+ because Google says so.


There are other reasons for being on Google+ (see below), but the fact remains that it is Google’s own social media network, so if you need Google, you need Google+ - because Google said so.


Play By The Rules


What is Google Author Rank?

Understanding Google Author Rank


Understanding how Google works is becoming easier. If you have dipped your toe in SEO or other parts of online marketing you might think that is a ridiculous comment to make. But it’s true – the world of Google is becoming more like the “real” world (more accurately described as the offline world). And Google Author Rank is a perfect example.


Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers.

#1 Post Signage / Advertise –

Last minute shoppers are in a rush so they do not have time to look for you, they may purchase from the first store, spa or restaurant that fits their needs, is convenient and well-priced. How will they know that your business fits their needs unless you announce it to them via a sign, an email or a social media post? Don’t forget to update your website as well, since many customers go there first.

#2 Make it Quick and Easy –