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How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business


Your business name is one small piece of a puzzle that’s part of running an online business. And the domain name (the url) that you choose is the magical piece that makes your online presence come together. But piecing together parts of your Picasso doesn’t mean that you should leave your customers puzzled about your digital presence. Here are a few key tips to help you pick the best domain name for your business:


  1. Ask “how is your business changing the world?”


How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may be some of your favorite things during the holiday season. But your website should also be somewhere on that list. Even if you don’t quite find the topic of websites particularly festive, here are a few ways you can get into the holiday spirit:


  1. Work on Your Website Content


Now is the time to start thinking about any special product launches or services you plan on introducing over the holidays. Here are some questions to think about as the holidays get closer:


5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is famous for having endless plugin possibilities. If you need or want a feature for your website, chances are there's a plugin for it already - or one in the works. Chances are you probably already take advantage of at least a few plugins. Here are a few more that if you haven't already checked out, you may want to consider.

1. W3 Total Cache

What Google's Personalized Search Results Means for Your Future

Using the Internet, we can find out what our friends in other parts of the world are doing. We can discover that 25% of all known species are beetles; and that most lipstick contains fish scales. But can we find the details of our flight next week or the tracking number for our latest purchase on Ebay? Of course we can’t, but Google has an answer: Personalized Search.


If you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses of SEO, you’ll want to learn more about how Google is tweaking your search results.


20 Reasons to Build a Website If You Don’t Run a Business

Article 1:

20 Reasons to Build a Website If You Don’t Run a Business


Running a website is an easy way to bring something you love to the public eye and interact with others from all over the world who appreciate the same things as you. It’s also rewarding – sometimes financially, but always in morale. The best part? You don’t need to keep up with the Joneses of SEO if you don’t run a business. Other than knowing a few basics about website safety, you just need to be you.


Even if you think you have nothing unique to say, chances are that you do. Here are 20 quick ideas to help you get started:

Informative Product Pages Help You Stand Out

Who doesn't love shopping online? With a few points and clicks, your stuff shows up on your stoop a few days later. Buying products online that you know everything about or have used before is one thing. But what about when you're buying something you've never seen in real life before? All you have to go on are the pictures and any other product information that the website chooses to provide. In the world of online shopping, your product page can exude the essence of your brand. And it can often make or break a sale.


Don't Lose Sales


How to Place Content on Your Website

You determined that you want to regularly create content. Now where do you place it? According to a Jakob Nielsen study, most people don't like to scroll. In fact, the study found that only 23% of first-time visitors and only 16% of second-time visitors to a website are willing to scroll. The other 77% of visitors just look at what they're able to see above the fold (that's the area of the page that's visible without needing to scroll down) and judge the quality and usability of the website based on what they see there. Even though some people believe this is a myth, positioning your content in the best way possible just makes sense.


How to Drive Attention to Your Website

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard about the importance of “driving visitors” to your website. Sure, getting more page views may be number 1 on your wish list. Because more page views means more leads (if you’re marketing right). And more leads means more sales, right? 


Not quite.


There’s this little other thing called “attention.” And if your business gets page views but then has a high bounce rate, I hate to break it to you. But chances are slim that you’ll get sales. So, how do you get drive page views and get the attention you deserve? 

Here are some tips:


  1. Start with a strong foundation


Responsive websites lead to responsive customers

Written by Kevin Plankey
On the
Responsive websites lead to responsive customers

The other day, I was talking to friends of mine who are higher-ups at local small businesses.

We started off discussing how quickly the mobile revolution has taken off, and eventually got to the topic of mobile websites. When I asked them if their companies had designed one, I was shocked at the answer I received:

"A mobile website?" my friend responded in a dumbfounded manner. "We haven't updated our website in at least two years."

Two years! I couldn't believe that.

If your company also hasn't updated its website recently, then chances are you haven't developed a responsive site. And if you don't have a responsive site, then chances are you're probably losing out on a whole bunch of customers.

Well-designed websites: They're for your benefit too

Online shopping is a huge industry. That's your "Thank you, Captain Obvious" comment for the day. 


So how big is ecommerce? A recent study found that worldwide internet sales soared past $1 trillion in 2012, and the market is expected to grow another 18.3 percent in 2013. 


You've probably heard a lot about how you need a website to make your customers happy. Shoppers today have come to expect that every company has a comprehensive website, which provides them with vital information and service, and allows them to make purchases when they want to. 


Now, let's talk about how website design can directly help you.