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Posted on Sep 11, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Reflections by Renee’

This week, we continue to celebrate iPage customers. Today we are happy to feature Reflections by Renee’, a photography business by Renee’ Townsend, iPage customer since 2010.

Renee’ is an award winning photographer whose passion for photographing animals and nature started early. She grew up around horses, has pursued Barrel Racing and Horse Racing, and has even ventured into hunting dog competitions. You can see some of her incredible nature and wildlife photos, and even a few adorable pets when visiting her site. Like most entrepreneurs, Terri stays very busy; when she’s not working, taking photos, or volunteering, she is also writing a book.

About the Business

The photography business http://reflectionsbyrenee.net was started in 2010 after Renee’ received encouragement from her sister-in-law and joined local photography club. Although she works full-time, the support and camaraderie she received from this group was enough to convince her to share her images and try to pick up a few paid assignments.

The website serves as a portfolio for her photos, and for her photography awards. She specializes in nature photography and pet portraits, and her love of both comes through in her outstanding work. The website shows an incredible range and diversity of photos. It gives her a chance to share some of her favorite photos, and offers potential customers a chance to see the level of quality and professionalism they can expect. If they like what they see, there is an easy way to contact her to ask questions, purchase prints of existing photos, or schedule a photo shoot.

case study

Renee’ has become a bit of an expert when it comes to photography websites. Along with managing her photography business and website, Renee’ is very active in the The Jefferson County Photo Club of High Ridge Missouri www.jeffcophoto.com, and manages their website as well. The club and website provide an opportunity for photographers at all levels to collaborate, share, and showcase their photos. This is an active club that participates in contests, and regularly takes photography ‘field trips’ together. The site serves to communicate upcoming events and activities to members, to recruit new members, and to share photography tips with anyone who may have an interest in improving their skills.


Why iPage

The original version of the business site was created with a different hosting provider, and when she started looking for a new provider, made the decision to transfer the site to iPage after speaking with  our support team, and seeing the page builder.

Overcoming early challenges

At first, as with learning any new technology, there were ups and downs when building the site. But the challenges with iPage were minor and she managed to overcome most of them without help. As the site came together, she did reach out to support for some final touches and found them helpful to not only fix the issue at hand, but they also suggested additional features with the builder that she was not aware of, but was able to use to make the site even better.

When it was time to help her photo club create a web presence, it was a no-brainer to set up the site with iPage. Renee’ knew she could rely on easy drag-and-drop site building and a responsive support team. She said “The Weebly Site builder is able handle everything we need done. And with the additional features available, both my personal and club sites have the ability to grow even larger, everything in one place.” It has been easy to upload new photos, and update time sensitive information to keep club members informed. Managing multiple sites in one place is essential since she has limited time to devote to site maintenance.

Value of a Photography Site

If you are thinking of creating a website to share your photography portfolio, to advance your photography business, or just for fun, take it from Renee’, “a website is the perfect avenue to showcase your work.” Whether you are looking for clients to purchase your existing work, or hire you for a job, you need to be online. If you don’t have a website, it gives the impression that you aren’t proud of the work. You can’t rely on word of mouth alone, it’s important for potential clients to see the quality of your work, plus it helps build confidence in your abilities as a photographer and reliable business person. Even if photography is a hobby for you, it’s easy (and inexpensive) to create a website for sharing some of your favorite works.

Renee’ understands that it’s important for clients to be able to see the quality and diversity in her works, and for them to make a personal connection. Look for her to update her site regularly to share photos from recent shoots, and she is planning to add a shopping cart to her business site for easy purchase of existing prints. We are very appreciative that she trusts iPage to continue hosting her site and happy to hear that she often encourages member of her club to use iPage to create their own sites.

Thinking for starting a website for your photography or art portfolio, let us know how we can help!

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