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Posted on Apr 18, 2013

Developing an effective video ad: It’s not as hard as you think

Every marketer is searching for the best ways to improve customer engagement. So far, video advertisements have proven to be one of the most effective methods. 


More than 40 percent of all advertisements consist of video, making it the most common form of marketing these days. There’s a reason for that – videos are among the most proven commodities.


Last week, I touched on the surprising effectiveness of video marketing, including the fact that the majority of people already watch them regularly. Next, I want to discuss best practices for constructing video ads that will be likely to engage your customers.


Here are three simple steps you can use to ensure your video ads work:


Tip No. 1: Don’t make them too long
The vast majority of videos are shorter than 1 minute long, with the average length checking in at 45 seconds. 


Think about it: Most ads aren’t viewed by consumers by choice (and by most, I mean pretty much all). You want to engage and educate consumers about your product, but you don’t want the videos to be so long that you annoy them. Instead of attempting to explain everything about your company, figure out how to convey your most important messages in a minute or less.


Tip No. 2: Focus on quality, not quantity … of time
While you preferably want your ad to range somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds, reaching that length shouldn’t come at the expense of producing a professional, well-made video.


Users will typically drop off in the first couple of seconds or tend to watch the video until the end if it proves interesting enough. So grab their attention right from the start.


Tip No. 3: Make your video ads automatically play
There are generally two ways your videos get watched: either the consumer has to physically click the play button, or the ad can automatically start when it pops up. If possible, you want to choose the latter option. 


Just 14.4 percent of people play video ads. While that represents a marked improvement, it’s still not close to the watch rate we’re aiming for. Since customers are going to either watch the video or ignore it, try to take that decision out of their hands.


You have an incredibly unique opportunity on your hands with regard to video marketing. Just keep them short and sweet and professional looking, and making them play automatically, and you will likely see the benefits right from the start. 

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