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Posted on Mar 13, 2013

Emphasizing the right components of a website

Has your company been around since before the rise of the Internet? If so, you’ve probably seen a dramatic change in the relationship with your customer base. 


Ecommerce platforms, for instance, allow consumers to purchase items at their convenience, and social media has provided another effective method of communication between the two parties. This has given small businesses a tremendous advantage, opening up avenues that previously didn’t exist. 


Combined with mobile devices, the Internet has also made the typical customer more demanding than he or she was in the past, with people now expecting to receive information – such as prices, sales, product data and locations – at a moment’s notice. 


Starting or revamping your website? Here’s three important tips
Regardless of the size of your company, developing a sophisticated website has become a must in the age of the 24/7 shopper – and having a small budget is no longer an adequate excuse for a half-hearted effort. 


Even if you’re a smaller local company, shoppers expect your website to be sophisticated and well designed. Fortunately, when it comes to producing a quality website, money is not something you need to worry about any longer. Tools exist today that allow small businesses to design and manage their sites at an extremely affordable price.


Therefore, emphasizing the right components of a website is what owners should turn their attention to. Here are three key characteristics you may want to consider:


Tip No. 1: Design your website in a manner that will lead to the best user experience for customers.


Nobody likes visiting a page and struggling to find what they’re looking for. If a person goes to your site specifically to buy something, yet can’t figure out how to find the prduct they want and then checkout, you will likely lose that individual’s business. You should make important components, like product features and calls to action, the easiest and most prominent items to find. 


Tip No. 2: Have you ever been bored during your morning commute, and decided to peruse your favorite websites on your smartphone or tablet? Most likely, your customers have done the same thing. As the 24/7 shopper continues the process of going mobile, businesses need to make their sites compatible with different devices and operating systems.


(WARNING: If you drive to work, we do not recommend shopping during your commute.)


Tip No. 3: Having an effective search function often goes overlooked, but it’s an essential feature to have on your website. Believe me when I say this could make a major difference between keeping someone on your site versus them going elsewhere.


From providing consumers with a quality end-user experience to ensuring they can make purchases on-the-go, your website has become an essential component for your business success. Make sure to implement these strategies during your design process. 

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