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Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Five Tips to Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers.

#1 Post Signage / Advertise –

Last minute shoppers are in a rush so they do not have time to look for you, they may purchase from the first store, spa or restaurant that fits their needs, is convenient and well-priced. How will they know that your business fits their needs unless you announce it to them via a sign, an email or a social media post? Don’t forget to update your website as well, since many customers go there first.

#2 Make it Quick and Easy –

If someone is trying to get a last minute gift for a friend or family member they may have forgotten about, a last minute holiday party or another had another reason to wait, they are now pressed for time so anything to make the gifting task easier will win over customers such as having gift packaging or wrapping on hand, gift cards or certificates with attractive packaging or premade gift baskets. For online stores, offering gift wrapping options and expedited delivery may gain you additional customers.

#3 Offer Deals too Good to Resist –

Some of the last minute shoppers are just looking for a score, their procrastination had to do with trying to find the best deal and the fear that a better deal may come along. To attract those shoppers you may need to offer a very attractive deal or a price guarantee. Remember many stores are trying to sell out of their seasonal and gift items and offer extreme price cuts on that type of merchandise, it may be wise to see what the competition is offering.

#4 Make it Convenient –

Sometimes it is just about being open, as many prepare for the holiday less and less time is left for buying gifts. Being open earlier or later than your competitors may make the difference in a purchasing decision if the customer can visit your business when it is convenient for them. When it comes to online purchases, it may be helpful to give customers ideas for popular gifts on the home page as well as on social networks and email so they can purchase and checkout quickly without overthinking things or having to look through the whole site for ideas.

#5 Market to the Purchaser not the Recipient – 

Why should they buy from you? What are you offering that other businesses or sites are not? Make sure you are targeting the purchaser and explain to them why their gift will bring joy. You may no longer be marketing to a man searching for tools but to his wife and kids who may not know much about tools and may feel intimidated. You may be trying to target a husband who is afraid to walk into a “girly” beauty salon to buy a gift certificate, not his wife who will use it . By marketing to the purchaser with unique advertising such as “Need help buying tools for Dad?” or “Give your sweetheart a gift she will love” you are giving the customer confidence that they can choose an appropriate gift for their loved ones and that your business is a better choice than one that simply sells tools or gift certificates.


Article Courtesy of Sophia+

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