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Posted on May 10, 2013

Google AdWords can be invaluable tool

One of the most frustrating components of traditional marketing is the inability to track results.


Unless you polled every single customer as to whether or not he or she noticed a particular ad, there’s really no way to gauge its effectiveness. All you could do was measure sales numbers before and after you launched a marketing campaign, which is an inexact science to say the least.


Insert online marketing.


Digital advertising has been a breath of fresh air for companies for a number of reasons, as it’s generally cheaper and can reach a wider audience.


But perhaps the biggest advantage of online marketing is your ability to track everything – conversions, click rates, follow-up actions and more. You never have to just assume a campaign’s effectiveness anymore based on loose statistical relationships. 


And when it comes to monitoring the results of your ads, perhaps no tool is more effective than AdWords. 


The amazing, invaluable AdWords
If you’re a small business owner, you shouldn’t miss out on the potential benefits of tools like AdWords, a pay-per-click advertising measure, particularly as the internet, social media and mobile devices are becoming regular shopping mediums. Because these platforms have the ability to track searches and page views, you can use AdWords to measure countless facets of your marketing campaign, such as:


* First and last clicks before the shopper ended up on the website.

* The amount of time the search process takes.

* Any other facts that may have led to them landing on the company website.


AdWords is especially helpful because of its ability to detail any number of search trends. As we touched on earlier, if a small business wants to figure out the most likely means a customer takes to land on its website, AdWords can produce queries that identify common paths. This will help marketers determine whether they should invest more time and resources in their email, social media or mobile advertising campaigns, for instance, or whether an integrated approach might be best.


​Worried about the costs? Don’t be
If you’re concerned that AdWords are outside your price range, you really shouldn’t be. In fact, it almost feels as if these tools were tailor-made for small businesses, with characteristics including:


* Cost-efficiency, especially in comparison to traditional marketing.

* Rather than taking over a webpage, ads tend to be non-intrusive

* Search engine marketing is also extremely measurable and can analyze data across all platforms. 


Understanding the common paths your customers take to your website empowers your marketing strategy in an unprecedented way. Don’t miss out on all the benefits AdWords has to offer. 

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