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Posted on Jul 14, 2014

Google Apps You Did Not Know Existed

Google Apps You Did Not Know Existed


You probably already know that Google is much more than a search engine. You may use its email platform Gmail or its social media network Google+. And if you watch the news you will have heard about some of the exciting new technologies that it is working on, including Google Glass and the Google car that doesn’t need a driver. But while those developments are for the future there are other things that you can start using today – the Google apps you did not know existed – and these are some of the best.




Images are needed more today than ever before. They are an integral part of business reports, school assignments, marketing efforts, and even to simply upload to social media profiles. That means most people will need access to a drawing creator and image editor. The problem is they are usually hard to use or they are incredibly expensive, although Google Drawings offers a solution.


It allows you to create and edit things like charts, diagrams and designs. You can do this in real-time in collaboration with others or on your own. And there are basic image editing tools like cropping. Once your image is complete you can download it in a standard format or insert it into a Google document.


Google Cloud Print


Anyone who owned a printer 15 or 20 years ago will remember how difficult they were to get working. It was torture as you fumbled with discs trying to get a driver that matched both your computer and your printer. Thankfully those days are in the past but it goes further than that: because of Google Cloud Print you can print from anywhere.


It works with any device and opens up a world of opportunities. For example you can take an order from a customer on a tablet and send it to print immediately at your office without the need for emailing. Or you can take a photo of a beautiful holiday destination and send it directly to the printers of your friends back home. So if you need to print for business or for pleasure, Google Cloud Print is a useful tool.


Google Forms


Gathering and collecting information is never easy. Take something as simple as organizing an office party where an email is sent to everyone asking them to choose something from a menu. Someone will then have to receive all of the replies and collate them in a document. Collaborative documents make this easier but you always get people who don’t use them properly (they’re usually the same people who then complain when they don’t get what they ordered).


Google Forms gives you the ability to easily create forms that you can use in simple situations like the one described above or much more important scenarios, like market research with your customers. The data you gather from the forms is automatically collated in a spreadsheet which can be then downloaded and analyzed.




With Helpouts you can get help from qualified people on a variety of topics. It is a great way for you or members of your team to pick up a new skill. And because you control the content of the Helpout it is also cost-effective. You can learn a variety of different things from the basics of cooking sushi to programming with Javascript.


And you can give your own Helpouts. You can offer them for free or you can charge and earn an extra income. Just make sure you do it with a subject in which you have expertise – i.e. it is not a good idea to set up a cooking-sushi-WHILE-programming-Javascript Helpout unless you really know what you are doing. This is because customer reviews are an important part of Helpouts. You don’t want to get bad ones.


There are lots of other Google Apps that come in handy in all sorts of situations and most of them are free to use. In fact you can do many standard business functions for little or no cost with a computer that has nothing but an operating system, an internet connection and a Google account so you can access Google apps. These apps may not be as cool as letting your car drive itself. But they’re worth checking out.



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