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Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Helpful Tips for Beginners to Build the Perfect Website

Helpful Tips for Beginners to Build the Perfect Website

For beginners who have no experience in web design, building and maintaining your own website can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are many website builders out there to help you get started with your own website. The best one to use is called WordPress. WordPress is the industry standard for both beginners and professionals. It’s very easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful and has all the features your website might need. With WordPress, you can professionally build and maintain your own professional website. This leads us to our first helpful tip for building the perfect website:


Tip 1 – Use WordPress

Use WordPress to build your website. Here at iPage, we try to make managing your website and online presence as easy and simple as possible (iPage is recommended as a top web hosting choice for beginners & SMBs by How To Get Online). We recently launched 2 new hosting plans called WP Starter & WP Essential. They are both fully optimized for building and maintaining your WordPress website. With our new hosting package, you can easily install WordPress and get your website started! We also included 6 new themes for you, which brings us to our next tip!


Tip 2 – Choose the Right Design for Your Website

Your website needs a good design. Choosing the right design for your website is very important. Fortunately, with a WordPress website, changing your website’s design is quite easy. It’s done by changing your WordPress theme. A WordPress theme is like a design template that allows you to easily change your website’s look and appearance. While there are 9 different WordPress themes included in our WordPress hosting packages, you may want to find something different. You can choose from hundreds of themes and find a really good design to match your website from the MOJO Marketplace, integrated right into your iPage web hosting account. www.themeforest.net is another great place to go to buy premium WordPress themes.


Tip 3 – Customize Your WordPress Theme with Stock Images

Your website is probably looking great already if you picked a good theme. However, a theme is still a template and you will need to customize it even further to make your website’s design your own. Using good quality photos to help customize your website is a great start. Istockphoto.com (now acquired by Adobe Stock) is a great place to go to get professional photos & illustrations to spice up your website. Adobe has thousands of images designed to match every type of website out there. Simply search for photos that match your website’s category and start picking the ones that will look good on your website.


Tip 4 – Customize your Stock Images to Fit Your Website

If you want to get really fancy, you can edit/customize the stock photos to even further fit your website. At the very minimum, you’ll want to crop and resize the stock photos to fit your website. Photoshop is the best software to edit photos, but for beginners with no design experience, you most likely won’t have that. http://pixlr.com/editor/ is a great, FREE photo editing software. It’s actually quite similar to Photoshop and you can really make your photos look great!


In Conclusion…

If you’ve followed the above tips, you’re on the right track to having the perfect website. You already have a strong powerful website built with WordPress and hosted by iPage. Furthermore, you have access to hundreds of amazing WordPress themes and thousands of stock photos to fully customize your website’s design. Your website will look amazing and best of all, you were able to build it all by yourself.


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