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Posted on Oct 23, 2013

How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business


Your business name is one small piece of a puzzle that’s part of running an online business. And the domain name (the url) that you choose is the magical piece that makes your online presence come together. But piecing together parts of your Picasso doesn’t mean that you should leave your customers puzzled about your digital presence. Here are a few key tips to help you pick the best domain name for your business:


  1. Ask “how is your business changing the world?”


Before merely picking a domain, ask yourself what your customers are trying to accomplish. Instead of choosing your domain name first, think of what you’re trying to do. How do you want your customers to experience your business? How will your business help them with their needs? This little exercise trains your brain to think differently about something that seems as simple as a domain.


For example, if your business sells candles, it’s not just the name of your company, but rather the experiences that happen when there’s candlelight. What do you think of when there’s candlelight? Maybe it reminds you of memories, moments, and magic. And while you may want to put the word “candles” in your domain so that Google can find your business, think it through. A little more magic can be the spark that lights up the room – and your brand.


  1. Choose something short


Some of the best domain names are often short and concise. Choosing the shortest possible url is a good idea because it’s:



Of course, this doesn't mean that you should use acronyms or code words that only you and your coworkers know. Be brief to create a clear message to your customers.


  1. Don’t get caught up in the description


Don’t think that you need to fully describe your business in your domain name. It can over complicate something that’s supposed to be simple. You don’t want it running the entire width of Google search. It’s unnecessary, and can look clunky. And if it’s too long people will simply forget it, or think it’s a joke. Or even worse, spam:


Ex: Http://www.nameofcompanycompanydoesthisandthis.com


Would you click a link that runs the length of the alphabet? Remember that you’ll have plenty of places to explain what you do when you place content on your website.


  1. Decide at a later date


If you’re not sure what to choose, or can’t get what you want, you can always purchase a bunch (they’re cheap enough) and decide on a name at a later date. At least you’ll have more options available then, and you can think it through. When you do decide to put your roots down with a definite domain, remember that web security should be a top priority.


5. Think through your social media branding


Choosing a domain name that’s the same name as your Twitter handle (or similar) strengthens the vibe of your brand. Twitter only allows 140 characters or less, so the shorter your domain (and the shorter your Twitter handle) the more you can say. Try to make your company and your other social media presences work together.


6. Don’t panic


The holidays and Halloween are approaching, so save any freaking out for your family or Miley Cyrus costume. In the wise words of The Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want. If you can’t get the domain name of your choice, don’t freak. Maybe an idea for an even better name will come to you over time, anyway.


Strive for brevity, creativity, and clarity when choosing your domain name. Whether you’re selling holiday scents for your candle company or selling Picasso puzzles, determining the best domain name should be a piece of the puzzle that seamlessly falls into place. And simultaneously makes the world better to boot.


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