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Posted on Oct 16, 2013

How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may be some of your favorite things during the holiday season. But your website should also be somewhere on that list. Even if you don’t quite find the topic of websites particularly festive, here are a few ways you can get into the holiday spirit:


  1. Work on Your Website Content


Now is the time to start thinking about any special product launches or services you plan on introducing over the holidays. Here are some questions to think about as the holidays get closer:


  • What content can you create that will resonate and speak to your customers in a way that cuts through the holiday clutter?
  • What are some fun holiday topics that you can work into your copy? Whether it’s snowmen, snowflakes, heartfelt conversations, or memories that last, your customers will be looking to connect (and maybe even disconnect!) in a meaningful way during the holidays. What is your content saying that draws them in?
  • If you’re selling products or services online, what does Google’s personalized search results mean for your business?


  1. Gain Clarity with Your Website Design


The holidays can be tons of fun, but they can also conjure clutter and chaos. Gift-wrappings pile up, and kids are home on vacation. Don’t let your website add to the noise. Make sure your website design is clear and consistent with its message. The clearer your message and your website design, the more you can resonate. Whether you’re crafting informative product pages, or creating compelling content, here are a few things to consider:


  • Design and build your site using a template-based or drag and drop site builder. Going this route doesn’t just offer clarity for you. It appeals to your customers too.
  • Use mobile trends to enhance and amplify your online presence. Customers are having conversations away from their computers more during the holidays. Use this to your advantage by not just being mobile, but by having a design that’s mobile-friendly.
  • Design with simplicity in mind. Just because widgets and words fill up space, doesn’t mean you have to use them. Less is often more.



  1. Start Conversations on Social Media


If you’re marketing your business on Twitter or Facebook, remember that social media is a conversation. And conversations during the holidays will more than likely turn into the topic of gift giving, food, and memories (and plenty of other quirky topics your family tends to discuss). What type of content can you create on social media that will add value? Here are some ideas:


  • Switch your Facebook or Twitter background cover to a festive design to get into the holiday spirit. ThinkStock has stunning images for a cost. Don’t underestimate the value of visual media during the emotions of the holidays. They can work wonders.
  • If you decide that daily deal sites are right for your business, incorporate a social media campaign into your strategy. As long as you have the right resources in place, deal sites can amplify your message and create awareness during a busy time.
  • Use hashtags on Twitter as a way to build awareness for your holiday promotions. Hashtags are easily findable through Twitter search, and it can create more awareness for your particular product that you’re promoting. Just make sure that you don’t speak the hashtags aloud, unless you want Justin Timberlake or Jimmy Fallon to come to your door and #makefun (or maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all).


Savor the seasons by strategizing for the holidays now. Some of your favorite things just may be found on your website. Remember (and bookmark!) these simple tips, and then you’ll not only keep up, you’ll start singing soundtracks (circa 1960s Julie Andrews). And oh what fun it is to…sing.

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