Posted on Dec 18, 2017

How to Create an Amazing Website with MOJO Marketplace

When you set out to create a website, the dollar signs can add up quickly. Designer, developer, writer, etc. But with tools like WordPress and MOJO Marketplace, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars creating a completely custom website from the ground up.

Using WordPress with MOJO Marketplace and WP Live

WP Live is a subscription WordPress support and training product offered by MOJO Marketplace that gives you access to WordPress experts via chat, email, or over the phone to learn WordPress and solve any problems you run into.

Their advice can help you save hours of dragging the internet for how-tos and they can help you create a strategy for your blog or business that will make you successful online. Here’s some more info:

WP Live – WordPress Support From MOJO Marketplace – YouTube

WP Live also features a WordPress plugin—a piece of software that adds functionality to your website, often for free, without affecting your design or current functionality. Their WordPress plugin allows you to access WordPress experts right from your admin dashboard, where you make changes and write content for your website.

Click here to learn more about WP Live.

Create Better Designs with High Quality WordPress Themes

MOJO Marketplace offers a variety of WordPress themes for specific uses. These are like template designs for your website that allow you to design and publish websites without any coding. That saves you on designer and developer costs, and enables you to update and manage your site without calling up a developer.

MOJO’s WordPress themes

MOJO’s WordPress themes enable you to create a beautifully designed, responsive website in minutes. Many of their themes feature Demo designs for specific types of websites, or niches, that can be imported with one click and customized with your content and branding.

In conjunction with WP Live, you can create a website for about $59 that looks like you paid $10k, simply by leveraging a high quality WordPress theme.

Get More Done with MOJO Marketplace Professional Services

In addition, MOJO offers some professional services to get your site further along.

MOJO's professional services

From installing a WordPress theme for you to packages that include a full site build with WP Live support included for $399, their professional services team can help you along with the hard parts and keep it all within your budget, no matter how small.

Consulting with a WP Live agent will help you determine which services you might want to pay for, and which parts of the process you can handle yourself, as well.

Freelance Services to Brand and Grow

MOJO also offers access to professional web freelancers to help you establish a brand and grow your online presence.

For example, get a logo design, html email template, or social media images designed for your marketing campaign. Having access to freelancers for work like these can mean less overhead, and can really count when you need some extra help.

Do it Yourself. Save Money. Learn Valuable Skills.

If you have a domain and you’ve set up hosting through iPage, you’re already on track. At this point, you can choose to hire out work or learn to do it yourself with tools like MOJO Marketplace.

If you have the time and the focus, building your own site can be very rewarding. It can also teach you some valuable things about running a business or blog online—take SEO, or search engine optimization, for instance.

Above all, if you’re interested in building your own site, MOJO will help you assess what skills you need to develop and find the right approach for your project.



Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on June 9, 2014, it has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.

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