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Posted on Jun 9, 2014

How to Understand Mojo Marketplace

How to Understand Mojo Marketplace


People who are new to website design often think it is a process that involves shoeless, Apple loving artistic types working with 4chan-obessed, socially awkward coders who travel to work on skateboards. For most websites, particularly small business websites, this is not the case. The reality is anyone can build a website so long as they are competent using technology. And because of services like the Mojo Marketplace you do not need programming skills or graphic design abilities.


In this regard website design is like making spaghetti. When you are making spaghetti you have the option of learning how to make the ingredients from scratch. Some people make the sauce and / or the meatballs, and serious spaghetti creators also make their own pasta. But most of us buy all or some of these ingredients in packets and jars from the store because:


a)      It is easier

b)      It usually tastes as good if not the same

c)      It is easier (that one is worth repeating)


When you are building a website you can go down the ‘make it all yourself’ route. But most designers chose to use ready-made tools and services. The process is more straightforward, you do not need programming skills, and the end result is usually more robust, attractive and future-proof.


One Problem Solved, Another One Created


Building your website using readily available tools and services presents another problem – which do you use? There are thousands of options and if you’re not careful you can spend as much time researching, choosing and implementing than you would have spent learning how to code. Luckily there are services like Mojo Marketplace that makes this easier.


Mojo Marketplace has brought everything that you need to get a website up and running together in one place. You need your own domain and website hosting of course, but it takes care of everything else.


One-Click Installs


This all starts with one-click installs of popular applications. These are the backbone of your website and provide the infrastructure onto which everything else is built. The most popular is WordPress but there are others including Joomla, Magento and Drupal. The library of applications is extensive and covers a range of categories:


  • Blog builders
  • Website builders
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Forums
  • Classifieds
  • Social networking
  • Mailing lists
  • Wikis
  • And more


If you are familiar with website design you will know that these applications are free. That is the case on Mojo Marketplace as well but Mojo adds something extra – its one-click installer. Whatever web host you choose Mojo Marketplace will install your application at the click of a button. And like the application itself, the one-click installer is also free.




Once you have the infrastructure of your website in place the next step is to get a theme. A theme determines how your website will look and many also have built-in functionality to improve the experience for your users.


WordPress themes are the most commonly bought themes on Mojo Marketplace but it caters for other platforms too. This includes Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCards, Tumblr and more. There are also HTML templates.


Services and Add-Ons


Your theme might not deliver all of the functionality that you require in your website which means you might need to get add-ons. An example of this is if you need a shop. Your theme will determine how the shop looks but you will need an ecommerce plugin to make it work.


Mojo Marketplace offers several services and add-ons to help you add extra functionality to your website. And they don’t just provide the application as installation and setup is available as standard with some of the products.




The final products that Mojo Marketplace offers come under the heading of branding. This includes logos and business cards.


The template you chose will take care of much of the branding of your website. This includes the color scheme, the typography, and the layout. But a theme cannot create a logo or offline marketing material such as business cards. Mojo Marketplace steps in to fill those gaps.


Many different types of people use Mojo Marketplace including programmers and small business owners. It is free to register and get started and so takes the hassle out of website design.