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Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Improve brand recognition and boost ROI with SEO

The core value of any successful marketing plan centers around spending a reasonable amount of your budget on advertising in a manner that boosts traffic and revenue. 


With online marketing a necessity, you’ve probably had a few “must-have” terms thrown your way, and I’m sure search engine optimization (SEO) has been talked about ad nauseam. You might be thinking right now, “Is SEO really worth all the fuss?”


According to a recent study, it most certainly is. In fact, the report’s findings make it a wonder that every company isn’t making SEO a top priority, with the benefits including:


Website traffic: quality plans ensure that your website gets seen. Half of small businesses said that SEO strategies have produced 70 to 100 percent success rates in converting leads to customers.

Brand recognition: Nearly two-thirds of companies said their sites regularly end up on the first page of searches, which has helped to improve their brand recognition. 

Positive ROI: SEO is one of the more cost-efficient marketing strategies, and the potential return on investment (ROI) is enormous. Two in five respondents said their SEO plans have enabled them to experience an ROI of 500 percent. 


Putting your plan into action – start by selecting the right keywords
If you’re still reading, that probably means I’ve convinced you of your need to incorporate SEO into your marketing campaign. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s go over some of the basics. 


Regardless of how knowledgeable you are about search engine optimization, you’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of keywords and terms. There’s a reason for that. 


Effective keyword and term selection is the backbone of any SEO strategy. After all, this is how you get your site to show up in the top search result spots. Not only does this attract more traffic to your website, but it attracts the right people (i.e. prospective clients who have a clear interest in your products or services). 


Be careful!
Google and other search engines are constantly evolving so if you were thinking of pumping your web pages with keywords, be advised that this is no longer an effective SEO practice. This is referred to as “black hat SEO,” which means you’ve overloaded your website with keywords or are practicing other deceitful methods. As a result, this will actually have a negative effect on your SEO. 


The key is finding the proper balance. That means considering a number of factors, such as (1) strategic keyword placement on your website, (2) having other websites link back to your site, provided they have a respectable page rank, and (3) finding a way for your content to get shared via social media. 


This might seem like some work, but the payoff of an effective SEO strategy is certainly worth it. If you’re not so sure, just keep reminding yourself of the potential 500 percent return on investment. 

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