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Posted on Jan 28, 2014

Is Guest Blogging Dead Like SEO?

Is Guest Blogging Dead Like SEO?

This is of course a rhetorical question, and for those that do not realize, is also a satirical poke at the many eulogies we have heard for SEO over the years. SEO is not dead and neither is guest blogging.

Reason number one – Nothing has happened… yet

The blog post by Matt Cutts is just that, a blog post. It is a lot simpler (also faster and cheaper) to announce that you do not like a particular SEO practice than to actually roll out an algorithm to fix it. This means Penguin 3.0 anti-guest blog edition is on the horizon but will not be here for a while.

Reason number two – How can you tell?

How can Google (or the algorithm) tell the difference between a content that references a reputable third party for informational purposes or whether the person is a guest blogger or a freelance writer? It is pretty hard to code intent. It sounds like the only difference and identifying factor is whether your links are no follow or not. So this may be the old story of don’t become an SEO link farm and not the practice of guest blogging itself. The solution sounds simple, for your blog and guest posts just no follow the links! If your guest blog hold only traffic and branding value and not SEO value for the poster than their presence can only be realized if their content has quality for the reader and the link leads to a page that the reader is likely to interested in (meaning it will convert ). In this way it meets the “relevance” and “value” test of good content because at the end of the day that is what it is all about; good content vs spam content. Google does not want spam content to rank well because of links and does not want spam content clogging up legitimate blogs, so the moral of the story is don’t let spam into your guest blog and don’t write spam as a guest blogger.

Reason three – We are not about to return to the dark ages of search

The last time Google imposed a major link penalty it hurt most current and relevant sites that were optimized and brought older outdated sites that were not optimized to the top of search results which in itself created poor search results. I doubt Google will make the same mistake again! Imagine getting search results from the age of flip phones and floppy disks?

Reason four – Authorship is important for Google+

Google plus is gaining in popularity largely because of Authorship and SEO. Let’s face it, if it was not owned by Google and be rumored to have SEO value would many of us (business minded folks) even use it? What is the point of Author rank and Authorship if guest blogging is discouraged? If an author only posts on their own website how do you distinguish one who is well regarded by their peers (asked to post) from one who just pumps out a lot of content (read spam)?

This is of course a hypothetical opinion piece and to be regarded as such. Like the Coca Cola recipe the actual algorithm that determines your rank is only known to a select few. It is great to hear feedback and other opinions from those in the blogging and guest blogging community about their reactions to Matt’s post and the future of SEO. 


Article Courtesy of Sophia+

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