How to win your customers’ loyalty back!

In the digital age, consumers have come to expect service whenever, wherever and on-the-go. If you don't make that happen for them, they will have no problem brushing you aside for a company that will.

Do social media well or don’t do it at all

While you do need to a social media marketing strategy, do not implement one unless you intend to go all out with it.

Don’t miss the boat: Market to your mobile audience

Mobile ecommerce is well on its way to relevancy, as the majority of smartphone and tablet searches lead to follow-up actions. Don't miss the boat on this tremendous opportunity.

Social media – Integrate, don’t stand alone

Social media by itself might not be a sure-fire way to boost sales in the short term, but when integrated into other marketing campaigns, it's an effective way to get your message out there.

Use new Twitter tool to improve targeted marketing strategies

If you're feeling overwhelmed when it comes to social media advertising, take advantage of Twitter's new self-service marketing tools.

Want to reach the mobile workforce? Advertise during working hours

One of the motivations for allowing employees to work remotely is that, supposedly, it leads to boosts in production. I'm not sure whether that's true for work purposes, but it's certainly making them more productive shoppers.

Focus on the fundamentals – A quality website

Much like an athlete should make sure his or her fundamentals are in line, effective website design and management should be at the core of your online shopping strategies.

Digital marketing’s big taboo

While autoresponders are not an effective solution by themselves, they can be invaluable tools for small businesses with limited marketing resources.

Website mobile compatibility – It’s a must, not an option

While making your sites look nice is important, ease of use is an even bigger aspect of the design process.

The vital organs for business success

If your website is the heart of your business' success, a quality marketing campaign that engages customers is what makes everything operate.