Kill two birds with one stone

Developing your marketing campaign might feel overwhelming at the moment, but integrating your social strategies directly into your SEO plans can kill two birds with one stone.

Use Facebook to win over your local market

Social networking sites are also the third most common resource consumers use to find information about local businesses, with Facebook among the leaders.

Want to boost your website traffic? Dig deep into keywords

Keywords and phrases are the key ingredient to any online marketing strategy. Make sure you dig below the surface when coming up with your strategy.

Ignoring pay-per-click strategies? Do so at your own peril

Whether you're the local barber, a restaurateur or the third-generation owner of a small drug store, pay-per-click represents one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies out there. Ignore it at your own peril.

Social media – The tool that improves customer service, loyalty and sales

Social media marketing is here, it's thriving and it's become a necessity. Use it wisely to boost your customers' satisfaction, loyalty and purchases.

How SEO can boost your website traffic

Simply put, search engine optimization (SEO) involves putting your website in the best position to come up when a person is looking for something related to your services.

Website design: It’s more than just a pretty interface

While appearance is still a vital component of website management, it's far from the only one these days. Customers now expect your sites to be interactive and engaging, while still making everything easy to find.

Improve brand recognition and boost ROI with SEO

Effective keyword and term selection is the backbone of any SEO strategy. Not only does this attract more traffic to your website, but it attracts the right people.

Slow and steady wins the race? Not for your website

Online and mobile shoppers have little patience for slow websites. If this problem persists, it could mean poor customer satisfaction, fewer return visits and, potentially, lower revenue.

Focus on your website rather than apps to avoid unhappy mobile customers

Not only do your customers prefer your mobile websites to apps for a number of uses, but effective mobile design and management can benefit your company in many ways.