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Posted on Apr 24, 2014

Something New Has Arrived in the World of WordPress

Something New Has Arrived in the World of WordPress


Whether you’re a web aficionado or a tech newbie, convenience, speed, security, and ease of use are likely your top priorities. To ensure security and optimal experience, frequent updates have become crucial for not only your site content, but also any plugins or software you have running.Yet, very few of us have extra time in our day to keep up with these updates. Every second counts for delivering timely content and offers to your readers or customers, so time spent on updates is time not spent on revenue-generating offers and content.

Another prominent concern for website owners is whether their site can handle a dramatic upsurge in traffic. Will getting picked up by a major publication, airing a TV commercial, or being mentioned in a celebrity tweet send so many visitors that the site will go down or become incredibly slow, making it a victim of its own success?

iPage’s new offering, WP Essential, addresses all of the above concerns with a streamlined WordPress experience, integrated themes, plugins and a customized control panel. WP Essential is a premium managed WordPress solution which will allow automatic updates, leaving you with more time to work on your website or blog content. This WordPress-optimized plan also provides you with increased page load speed, scalability if you get a spike in traffic, and a proactive security suite.


To learn more about WP Essential, please watch the following video:


This video describes the advantages of the WP Essential WordPress hosting platform, as well as the situations that require the types of features WP Essential offers.


The Full Press Release for WP Essential WordPress Hosting :


iPage, a leading provider of web hosting solutions, today announced the launch of WP Essential. While many brands claim to offer a holistic solution for WordPress, one of the most popular self-publishing platforms in the world, iPage reengineered its WordPress hosting solution to be uniquely hassle-free, fast and secure. The new offering features fewer customers per server, cloud resource elasticity, and best of breed performance-enhancing plugins that are installed automatically. The user experience has also been completely revised with a streamlined control panel and curated free themes to get users online fast.

iPage noticed a void when it came to a WordPress solution that reduced the backend hosting hassles, allowing average users to more easily focus on their site content. As a result, WP Essential for iPage was developed with a high level of engagement from iPage’s WordPress community. At the outset, a limited recruitment message for potential beta-testers on the iPage website garnered over 1,800 responses in just 24 hours – a testament to the interest in the offering.

While speed is only part of the story, WP Essential is among the fastest SSD-based offerings of its type available today. Sites powered by WP Essential have been measured to load pages in less than one-third the time of traditional WordPress hosting sites. Additionally, WP Essential sites are load balanced across a pool of Varnish and Nginx powered servers, helping to ensure that a WordPress site will be available for all customers and visitors to see should a subscriber’s website see large traffic spikes.

With no page view limits, WP Essential sites can support millions of hits per day, providing subscribers with peace of mind even if their site is highlighted on Shark Tank, Facebook, Reddit, or another news or social media platform.

WP Essential is built on top of a new MySQL architecture, designed to facilitate even faster database queries and more reliable data delivery. The popular and useful Jetpack and W3 Total Cache plugins are automatically installed for subscribers. Additionally, a curated theme library is included, bringing highly popular features, performance and simplicity to WordPress users right out of the gate.

SiteLock, the security solution for WP Essential, scans for and automatically removes malware, and adds a firewall to further protect sites from bad guys. SiteLock’s security features are also combined with SiteLock’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), providing subscribers faster content delivery for their websites and blogs.

Eliminating the hassle of maintaining a highly performant site, WP Essential comes with a dedicated service and support team. Subscribers will have a dedicated phone number to reach highly trained WordPress support specialists able to help tune or untangle any support or technical issue that might arise.

Finally, WP Essential includes daily backups, limit-free site traffic and storage for site content. New customers will also receive one free domain for the first year and personalized email. To make managing a site even easier, WP Essential will soon offer instant site copy functionality, allowing subscribers to make a quick preview copy of their website or blog. They can then test content or design changes without fear of breaking their live website.

As expected, subscribers have welcomed the hassle-free support and stellar performance. "Since going to WP Essential and getting some tuning support from you my average site load time has decreased from 2.12 seconds. to .82 seconds. Keep it up!” said an early user.

“WP Essential is a strong offering for our customers,” adds John Shea, General Manager of iPage. “Subscribers get a huge economic value, amazing WordPress performance and a hassle-free environment enabling customers to focus on their site or blog content, without having to worry about backend technical details. It really enhances the WordPress experience.”


Article by Sophia+

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