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Posted on May 9, 2013

Targeted ads hold the key to your customers’ hearts

The modern-day, online consumer has built up quite the reputation. These shoppers are known to be needy, demanding, impatient and … smart? 


There are plenty of people out there who have essentially grow up with the internet, and as such, they have come to understand all of the marketers’ tricks. That means simplistic digital advertising strategies, including those that have worked in the past, might not be as effective going forward. 


When a shopper takes to the web, he or she typically has something of interest in mind. Think about it – if you’re browsing the internet looking for new shoes, you probably don’t care much for a video ad about sports memorabilia, especially one that takes over your screen. In fact, it might even annoy you a little bit. 


So how exactly can you avoid aggravating online shoppers while still marketing to prospective customers? It’s simple: Cater to their specific interests


Consumers prefer ads that reflect their particular interests, which is precisely what interest-based advertising was created to provide. 


Nearly 70 percent of consumers say they’re interested in receiving ads that market to things they value.


Data analytics can help
You’re probably thinking that developing a tailor-made advertising strategy is easier said than done. In the past, you may have been right.


With the advent of data analytics tools, this is no longer a challenge. 


At this point, there’s no reason not to use programs like Google Analytics. If you are not, then you are flying blind in a storm. This makes it a startling realization that three-quarters of small businesses don’t use data analytics to measure the success of their websites, according to a recent study . 


If you want to develop a top-notch targeted strategy, you need to understand your customers thoroughly. What their interests are, when they shop, their geography, what devices they use – all of this is vital to creating the individual and general customer profiles you’ll need to cater to their interests.


And there’s good news for companies that aren’t using the technology – data analytics tools are more affordable and easy to use than ever before. 


So if you want to win over your customers’ hearts – and, just as important, avoid their bad side – work targeted advertising into your future online marketing campaign. 

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