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Posted on Apr 23, 2014

The secret to achieving high conversion rates using affiliate links

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One of the best things about being an iPage affiliate is that web hosting appeals to just about everyone. And assuming you have a website, it’s a product that can naturally tie into whatever your website is about. We have affiliates in all industries that promote iPage on their sites.


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Content is King”.  This also applies to affiliates. The best way to promote a brand as an affiliate is to provide helpful and useful content to your viewers, recommending the product or service offered by the brand. By providing a “how-to” tutorial and walking a potential customer through the process of setting up a website with iPage, you’ll have a much higher conversion rate than someone that just puts a banner on their website.


Not sure how you’d incorporate a tutorial about web hosting on your site? Here’s an example of a method that has been proven successful by some of our affiliates. Just add a tab to your main navigation and title it with “Create a Website” or “Build a Blog” or something similar. 


On your new tab about creating a website, the best way to secure a customer is to show them just how easy it is for them to create their own site! You’ll use this new page to walk the customer through each and every step, starting with the purchase of a hosting package on our site, to logging in to the control panel and building their website. In the example below, I will post a brief walk-through of signing up and creating a site with our NEW WP Essential hosting package, which is perfect for new bloggers! And as an added bonus for you, we’re paying an introductory $120 commission on every WP Essential plan that you sell. Feel free to copy the screenshot images included in the tutorial example here. Also, don’t forget to use your affiliate links when linking to our site!


Step 1: How to find a web host and get started

In this first step, explain why you recommend iPage and tell your customers to click on the “Sign Up Now!” button once they are on the site (as shown in this screenshot). Make sure you give them your affiliate link in this step so the commission will track back to you! 


Step 2: Choose a Domain name

Our web hosting comes with a FREE 1-year domain name. If your customers already have a domain name, they can choose the second option and will receive a domain credit on their account to use towards a future purchase.


Step 3: Enter Billing Information

Often times, we will discount hosting on terms longer than 12 months. Customers can lock in a lower rate for the first 2 or 3 years by selecting that from the drop down in the Purchase Information section. You can also point out the ANYTIME Money-Back Guarantee and $450 in marketing freebies that come with the account.


Step 4: Login to your control panel

Customers can log in to their control panel from our homepage or from their confirmation email with the login information they received by email. We also have a new feature where they can choose to login with their existing Google credentials, so they don’t need to remember a new username and password each time.


Step 5: Configure WordPress

As soon as customers log in, they will be asked to create a WordPress account and we walk them through the steps to configure that account. You’ll notice there are 3 steps to this: Setup, Install and Launch! Their website will be ready and live in MINUTES!


Step 6: Select a Theme

Included exclusively with the WP Essential hosting package are 9 preloaded FREE WordPress themes. Customers will also have access to additional WordPress Themes from Mojo Marketplace within their control panel.

Once the theme is set, the customer can also take a look at some of the preloaded plugins for WordPress Essential users. This is also where customers set up their widgets, pages and posts.


If you go back to the iPage vDeck control panel, you’ll notice 3 main icons on the home screen for the WordPress Essential plan. I’ll explain each of them in steps 7-9.


Step 7: SiteLock

SiteLock is a $99 value included FREE, only with the WordPress Essential plan. SiteLock protects your website from fraud and malware, while speeding up its performance for visitors. This advanced security helps to block malicious traffic and scans daily for other harmful threats, immediately removing any that it finds.


Step 8: Web Cache Settings

We’ve learned from our customers that site speed is very important to them, and that’s why we are providing these Web Cache settings with our WordPress Essential package. Our adaptive technology automatically adjusts for space based on site activity, so common issues like traffic spikes are no problem.


Plus, we threw in a content delivery network and a super-fast caching layer. To top it all off, we've placed a limited amount of customers on each server, giving your site room to grow.


Step 9: Additional WordPress Themes

When customers click on the WordPress Themes icon, they are taken to the Mojo Marketplace where they can browse through additional one-click installs.


Step 10: QuickStart Menu

Tucked up at the top of the control panel is a quick start menu where customers can manage their domains, email mailboxes and use our site editor.

One final note to include in your post should be a disclosure to your customers that you are recommending iPage and are being compensated. You can read here for more information on FTC Guidelines for affiliate disclosures.


We hope this example tutorial of the WP Essential plan will inspire you to create a similar page on your website to promote iPage through our affiliate program. If you’re not yet an affiliate, first make sure to sign up here.


Feel free to use any of the screenshots shown here if you decide to create your own tutorial about WP Essential, and earn $120/signup on each WP Essential plan sold. Or you can create your own tutorial walk-through for the iPage shared hosting plan featured at www.ipage.com.


Was this post helpful? What are some other non-traditional ways you incorporate affiliate links on your website?

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