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Posted on Jul 17, 2013

The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Your Small Business

As of June 2013, there are 900,000 apps in the app store. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the best apps to help your business run efficiently (hint: playing Angry Birds will not get you there). So, how do you find the best mobile apps that best suit your small business needs?


Here are a few that stand out from the noise:


1. Expensify


If you’re still using excel spreadsheets for expense reports, Expensify will shake things up for you in the best way possible. The team at Expensify believes that expense reports shouldn’t be a frustrating experience, so they’ve built a free app on all platforms that integrates with your accounting systems. You can import your business credit card so that your business bills are automatically added to your report. They even have a helpful blog with lots of tips and info. The experience is seamless, and it’ll save you time. Wouldn’t you much rather spend your time on more important things for your business, like growing your email list, and your network? Now you can.


2. YouMail


If you’re a small business owner, checking voice mails is probably not on your list of “fun things to do.” Voicemails can eat up precious time. And often you can get the gist of what the caller says through text. Yeah, you may not hear the tone of what they say (which is why it’s good to go back and listen if it’s important), but reading just the text – and only the text – can save you tons of time upfront.  


YouMail is a free app made for both Android and iPhone, and it efficiently manages this time-sucking problem. It also gives you the ability to forward, reply, and save your voicemails for future reference. If you want to manage your time better, and take control of your communications, YouMail is the way to go.


3. DropBox


Just like you need web hosting with unlimited hosting space and data transfer for your website, DropBox provides this for large attachments and files that you need to access on the go.


Dropbox allows you to synchronize various folders across multiple platforms. For example, if you’re on the road for a business trip, you can place a presentation in your Dropbox folder, and it’ll be accessible on your iPad, iPhone, or computer – regardless where you originally saved it. It’s a great solution if you travel often, and want to back up your work. Or if you just want to make life easy.


4. AcceptSafe


Accepting payments online shouldn’t be a hassle. AcceptSafe is an easy and affordable way for your business to accept credit cards. If you’re selling anything on your website, it’s important to use a trusted payment gateway.  And even better if that gateway comes with a free mobile app! iPage has partnered with AcceptSafe which offers low rates and supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network. Using the AcceptSafe mobile app, you can accept payments on your mobile device through their mobile app.



5. Foursquare


Location-based apps are a huge part of your customer’s experience. Whether you’re running a cafĂ© or a small real estate agency, you need to be listening to any and all check-ins at your businesses location. Your customers may be giving you props on TripAdvisor, or speaking highly of you on Yelp. Downloading location-based apps on your phone can help you respond to all comments. Yes, even the good reviews.


* Before you download any app, make sure you’re aware of how your data may be used.  Many apps collect information about you, and knowing how this information will be used is important for your privacy.


photo credit: sarahintampa via flickr cc



What apps make your business run efficiently? Please comment below. 

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