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Posted on Feb 20, 2014

The Top, “Bestest”, Superlative, Web Hosting – Humorous

The Top, "Bestest", Superlative, Web Hosting – Humorous

Warning for those who do not read carefully; This post is Satire

There comes a time in every Webhost's life when they must write and publish a ***shameless plug*** otherwise known as an article about why they are so incredibly awesome. That day has come for iPage. This article usually talks about why they are the best web host, the top place to host and build your website, a cheap place to buy web hosting and domains and how their reviews are the best. If you would like to read that article (the one that describes why iPage is so amazing) find it elsewhere, this is a discussion about that article. This article got me thinking about what makes a website hosting company the "best".  Now let’s be clear iPage is undeniably the paramount web host of all time, the logo even has its own crown. The deliberation came about because iPage could not without appearing conceited assert its undeniable “bestness”! Everything about its undeniably imperial nature must always be hidden behind easy to use tools, great prices, environmentally conscious practices etc. How unexciting. In an industry where “bestness” is usually proclaimed by endorsements from celebrities who can’t even spell HTML, or mascots that remind you of farming or swamp touring, and that simply will not do! iPage needs to have its own mascot or endorsement that is completely unrelated to hosting and building websites to establish its dominance. But what? Are the giant guinea pigs dressed as bunnies from South Park still available? If not we may just have to stick to offering affordable easy to build websites and hosting…


 Article by Sophia+

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