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Written by on March 22nd, 2013


If you’re involved with your company’s marketing campaign in any way, one topic that’s bound to come up is how you can ensure your messages are reaching the right audience. 


Unlike giant corporations, small businesses don’t have the luxury of developing large-scale ads that will reach the majority of the population. It would be nice to produce a minute-long commercial that appears at 7 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, but for most companies, that’s slightly outside their budget constraints. 


If you fall into this category, you really have no reason to worry. Through the use of innovative technology, you have more effective channels than ever by which you can reach your customer base. Better yet, you have more effective tools at your disposal to determine what those channels are.


Confused yet? Don’t be – it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. 


Twitter tools for self-service marketing
Twitter recently celebrated its 7th birthday, and rather than receiving presents, however, the company decided to offer your businesses a gift instead. 


Twitter launched a series of self-service marketing tools, which arm advertisers with options to target their brands. These tools will allow you to target your messages in a few ways:


(1) By catering to audience members who have similar interests. Twitter has an interests list that exceeds 200, ranging from sports to entertainment to bird watching. This can be especially helpful for your company if you’re trying to expand your customer base.


(2) By targeting users of specific devices and platforms. For instance, if you’re trying to promote office software specifically for Apple or Android devices, there’s a way you can market specifically to Apple or Android owners.


(3) By gearing your messages to people based on gender. This one, I think, should be self-explanatory.


Managing the Twittersphere jungle
The Twittersphere is enormous, with more than 200 million users already, so sorting through the Twitter jungle to reach your preferred audience can be a real challenge.


Add in the fact that consumers are increasingly accessing Twitter, along with other social networking sites, on their mobile devices, and the Twittersphere can feel like a never-ending continuum. 


Targeted messaging can make it easier to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your product, regardless of which device they’re using. That way, you can group them based on any number of categories – both general and specific interests, gender and mobile platforms, just to name a few.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to social media advertising, take advantage of Twitter’s new self-service marketing tools.




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