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Posted on Apr 3, 2013

Want to boost your website traffic? Dig deep into keywords

Not too long ago, I compared your marketing campaign to the human brain. While other business components – from your website to sales representatives – compose different organs, the brain is what makes everything function the way it should.


Another apt analogy would be that online marketing is really like cooking, where you need the right amount of each ingredient, and if you don’t have all of the ingredients the outcome can be quite disappointing.


Keywords: The “butter” of online marketing
If you’re a baker, then pretty much everything you make includes butter at one step or another. 


When it comes to online marketing, implementing effective keyword strategies is the equivalent. Certain advertising campaigns might require different keyword placement – just as separate ingredients require varying amounts of butter – but you can’t achieve online marketing success without them. 


Identifying the right words and phrases will be essential to getting your website to show up in searches. 


Digging deeper
Although most small businesses are using some form of keyword and data analytics, they aren’t digging deep enough.


How can you ensure your site is the first one to appear over your competitors? Take the extra step – or two or three steps – when it comes to keyword strategies:


Keyword/phrase identification: Keywords and terms are essential to making sure your website turns up regularly during searches. That means any successful plan begins with picking the right words, something that involves delving deep into data analytics, and updating those terms and phrases as their popularity changes over time. When we conduct keyword research we are really creating a fluid dictionary of words and phrases that represent the organization, our customers, and our industry. A mistake many organizations make is, they don’t create a robust dictionary, and they don’t add to it regularly.


Quality (placement), not quantity: These days, you can’t just clutter your website or any individual pages with keywords. Google and other search engines are too smart too fall for this trick. As a result, overdoing it with keywords will actually have a negative effect on your SEO. Therefore, strategic placement of terms and phrases is the more crucial factor.


– Pay attention to competition: The idea behind keywords is picking terms and phrases that are (1) common enough search words or terms for customers, but (2) selective enough that they won’t return too many results that could potentially bury your page. For example, for a company that assists people who are hearing impaired, using “hearing loss” as a keyword could be counterproductive because it’s so vague. Instead, that company – and your business as well – should choose words or phrases that more closely align with your product or service, such as “hearing impaired services” using this example.


Keywords and phrases are the key ingredient to any online marketing strategy. Make sure you dig well below the surface when coming up with your strategy. 

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