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Posted on May 13, 2013

Well-designed websites: They’re for your benefit too

Online shopping is a huge industry. That’s your “Thank you, Captain Obvious” comment for the day. 


So how big is ecommerce? A recent study found that worldwide internet sales soared past $1 trillion in 2012, and the market is expected to grow another 18.3 percent in 2013. 


You’ve probably heard a lot about how you need a website to make your customers happy. Shoppers today have come to expect that every company has a comprehensive website, which provides them with vital information and service, and allows them to make purchases when they want to. 


Now, let’s talk about how website design can directly help you.


Keeping customers on your page
Getting people to visit your website is only half the battle – you need to keep them there in order to win the war. 


Website leakage is one of the biggest problems companies are facing today, especially small businesses. More than likely, poor website design has something to do with this. In fact, studies have found that up to three-quarters of consumers would never buy from a company that doesn’t have a nice-looking site. Talk about superficial. 


There really isn’t any other way around this one other than to accommodate their desires for pretty looking web pages. 


Getting started with data analytics
You’ve probably heard about the wonderful capabilities of data analytics from a business standpoint, but thought it was a little out of your reach. With steady traffic to your website, you will be able to monitor different statistics, allowing you to tap into the benefits of data analytics.


Websites have the ability to track all sorts of information: searches, purchase history, inquiries – everything. This data can then be used to conduct analysis of both individuals and your customer base as a whole. 


Data analysis is trending upward in the business world, with its benefits including:

* Projecting consumer trends

* Developing customer profiles

* Identifying which marketing strategies are most effective

* Finding out which mediums people are using most often

* Projecting potential issues before they occur


Once your well-designed website is in order, analyzing all of these facets and more will become a possibility. 


The end result: better sales
All of these benefits – increased website traffic, decreased leakage, data analytics and more – combine to produce the business version of the pot of gold: an increase in revenue. 


You have access to all the resources you need to design and manage your site at an affordable price. Don’t miss out on the advantages an effective website has to offer.

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