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Posted on Oct 28, 2013

You Have a Domain Name…Now What?

You Have a Domain Name…Now What?


You’ve picked the best domain now for your business…now what? Think of the domain name like getting the keys to your new house. You’ll want to put blinds and windows on your new house, decorate, and make sure to add a security system. Here are a few other things you may want to think about after you register your website domain name:


  1. Start blogging with a strategy


A blog on your website allows you to:


• Engage and interact with visitors.

• Convey information

• Show that you’re listening


One important thing to remember is to start blogging with a strategy. And don’t forget that humor can go a long way. Intersperse your information with anecdotes and personal stories. If you’re describing how to use glue to repair cracks in glass, it can come across quite dry (and no, not the glue). Tell a story that hilariously describes that time when Drew accidentally glued his hands together and it took all day to remove. Bring it to life by being relatable. But also remember that you’re customers are looking for information too. If you don’t have the time or the resources to blog, you may want to consider hiring a copywriter or content strategist.


  1. List your toll-free number


Your toll-free number is an important lifeline between your customers and your business. This number can be considered a second (and sometimes first) point of contact after your website itself. Your toll-free number can provide an invaluable way to build trust. Just make sure you remember to


  1. Secure your website


Web security is pretty important. Why? Not securing your website is like building a multi-million dollar mansion and then forgetting to put doors and a lock on it. You don’t want just anybody having access to your home. Only you know whom you can trust with getting access to inside your home.


Security is especially important if you sell products over the internet. Most stores automatically come with security software and protocols. But if you’re making your own checkout system, you may want to look into this further if you haven’t yet.


  1. Prepare for the holidays

Santa is always looking to put his elves to work to stay busy, and you should follow suit (minus the Santa suit…at least until after Thanksgiving). Prepare your website for the holiday season by working on your informative product pages to help you stand out.  Stay on top of any traffic changes by looking at key metrics in Google Analytics. Finding out if you need more server space before the sleigh bells start to ring is always a solid strategy.


  1. Keep up with changes at Google


Google Hummingbird took flight recently, and Google continues to make changes that reveal the future of SEO. If you’re a small business owner who runs an online business, try to remain up to date with how the algorithms work so that you can tailor your website accordingly. Being a Neanderthal may be a good look for Halloween, but it doesn’t quite cut it in the digital world.


  1. Engage your audience by being active on social media


Look at social media as a way to do less, not more. If you’re on social media for the right reasons, you can do less work. The right social networks can help you to create awareness of your business. But make sure you’re not promoting your business too much. Stay relevant by posting helpful, informative articles that your customers will enjoy. Curate a good mix between interesting and entertaining content that your customers want to read. Be human and personable. And don’t forget to interact in the social media world the same way that you act in the real world. This means that you should be polite, and use your social media manners when appropriate. Yes, this means that you should say please and thank you!


Your domain is just the first step to the fun and highly rewarding process of running an online business. Don’t let your domain collect digital dust. Make it work for you and put it to use.


Do you have questions about getting started? Please let us know how we can help in the comments below.














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