Posted on Apr 2, 2019

10 Ways a Personal Website Can Help You Land a New Job

As far back as 2013, experts have been touting the importance of personal websites for job seekers. And in 2019 – especially now that it is so easy and inexpensive to build your own website – personal websites are becoming even more critical for the success of online job seekers.

Long gone are the days when you had to manually code your own personal website or pay for a developer to create it and code it for you. Now there are inexpensive and reliable web hosting services that allow you to select and register your own domain, access an easy-to-use website builder tool with templates, establish a unique email address, and so much more.

Basically, if you’re serious about landing your dream job in 2019, you’ll want to consider building your own personal website. Continue reading to learn ten reasons why a personal website can help you land a new job this year.

1. It’s Easier for Recruiters to Find You and Contact You

All websites have pages that are indexed in search engines and then ranked based on their relevance to any given query a person is making. So, if your website has the right content and keywords on it, it will be easier for recruiters to find in their search for job candidates with your background and interests. For instance, if you’re a data expert and the phrase “data expert” appears on your website multiple times, your website is more likely to turn up in search engines when they’re searching for data experts. And if your personal website hosts a blog related to your expertise, that content about industry-specific topics will make your website more likely to appear in search results. This will make it easier for recruiters to find you online.

Additionally, contact forms and links to your social media profiles make it very easy for recruiters to research your experience and online presence and connect with you directly.

2. It Eases the Process of Submitting Application Materials and Queries to Multiple Prospective Employers

While many employers require you to submit specific application materials, many others only request that you send in a resume and a cover letter. So, why not share a website link that takes potential employers to a website that clearly showcases your resume, skills, and other useful employment history? It will provide them with all the information they need in one place and make it easier for you to submit these materials. This is also especially beneficial when you reach out to an organization to indicate your interest, regardless of whether or not they have relevant job openings.  

3. It Offers a Space to Showcase Your Referrals

To build trust with online recruiters, showcase your referrals on your website. Showcase quotes from previous employers or bosses whom you impressed and who can vouch for you and your work. And include references from previous co-workers and subordinates who can attest to your everyday work quality and leadership skills. This will save prospective employers a lot of time, as they won’t have to dig for this information or request it from you first.

4. It Provides a Space to Share Your Personality and Brand

A welcome video on your personal website lets you introduce yourself, bringing you and your personality to life when recruiters watch it. You can also include a small paragraph about yourself and what you care about, your career goals, etc. These types of details on your website will help you define yourself as a job candidate, further personalize you to recruiters, and help you establish your own brand as an expert within your particular industry or niche.

5. It Allows You to Share Your Portfolio of Work

Include examples of your best-written work, project work, creative work, etc. on your website. Recruiters will see examples of what you can accomplish even before they reach out to you for an interview. It will prove what you are capable of and show that you aren’t just trying to pad a resume or application.

6. It Gives You an Opportunity to Demonstrate Your Skills

If you claim that you’re a marketing expert, for example, your website can highlight your marketing skills through strategic web copy, templates, etc. Or you can prove that you’re an excellent graphic designer by including great graphics on your own personal website. And so on.

Essentially, a personal website can showcase your skills to “show, not tell” recruiters what you can do for them.

7. It Establishes Your Professionalism and Work Ethic

When you create a website for recruiters and prospective employers to view, you are establishing your online presence as a guaranteed and established professional, and you are making it crystal clear that you have a solid work ethic. You’re also telling them that you will go the extra mile to stand out (although building a website is easier now than it has ever been before). Let them know that it’s important to you that they have all the information they could possibly need about you in order to make a well-informed hiring decision.

8. It Helps You Build Your Professional Network

When you have details about your work history and expertise online via a personal website, other professionals can reach out to get your feedback and insight. This will help you expand your professional network and bolster your reputation as a true professional and expert within your industry. And eventually, recruiters will take notice of your professional reputation online. They can then reach out to you with relevant and competitive job offers.

9. It Encourages You to Learn Something New

When you build your new website, you’ll gain skills in website development, content marketing and strategy, website design, and so much more. These are skills that you can use at a future job. It will make you look more attractive to prospective employers — all while boosting your personal confidence in your own capabilities.

10. It Makes You Much More Competitive

Above all else, a personal website will make you much more competitive as a job candidate. Demonstrating that you care enough to build and maintain your own website shows more initiative than most job applicants will muster. And making it more convenient for recruiters to learn about you and contact you is can go a long way in their hiring decisions.

If you’re interested in landing a new job in 2019 – especially if it’s your dream job – keep in mind the many ways a personal website will help you.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels