Posted on Aug 11, 2014

20 Low budget businesses you can start online

20 Low budget businesses you can start online


Starting a business without much money is possible. Starting a business and expecting immediate success is not. Nor is starting a business and expecting an easy ride. So, here are 20 low-budget businesses you can start online. All of them require dedication and hard work. As long as you are prepared for that you can start them all today and you don’t need much money. In fact for some of them you don’t need any money.


You can start all 20 of these business ideas online. Strong online marketing efforts will also help to make them a success. The first batch of 10 also requires you to work online. The second batch of 10 is different. They are businesses that you can start and promote online but where the actual work takes place offline.


Businesses to Start Online and Work Online


  1. Ebay retailer – You sell things you have around the house on Ebay and then move on to buying stock and selling it for a profit. You don’t need much money but you will need time to find stock, write good descriptions and deliver top quality customer service.
  2. Affiliate marketing – You will need a website that people like to visit or you will have to create one. Setting up a website is not expensive, particularly if you can do it yourself. The difficult part is the marketing but with a good niche, dedication over time and hard work it is possible.
  3. Bookkeeper – Every business needs someone to manage their accounts – pay bills, manage debtors, reconcile bank statements, send out invoices, etc. Setup as a freelancer and pitch yourself to local businesses. It will lower their costs and give you an income.
  4. Writer – If you can write there’s an abundance of opportunities available in everything from blog writing to copywriting to sales brochure writing.
  5. Website developer – If you can build websites or think you can learn this is an option. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and the customers. You probably already have the first two so success will depend on finding the third.
  6. Marketing consultant – Many small business owners take on the job of marketing their business themselves. This is usually because they cannot afford the cost of an employee or an expensive agency. Offer them an alternative. You will make money by having multiple clients.
  7. Designer – You will need design skills to make this one work. But if you can create graphics, logos, ad concepts, sales brochures etc you can set up as a freelancer and build your own business.
  8. Virtual personal assistant – You will need good administration and organizational skills and a good telephone manner. Experience in sales also helps as does the ability to talk to high net worth individuals and company owners.
  9. Translator – Obviously you have to know how to speak and write in other languages but there is always translation work available online. And apart from having a computer and internet access there are no costs to starting this business.
  10. Tutoring – The obvious starting point for this is helping children and young people with their studies and exam preparations. But if you have the skills there is also a growing market for teaching adults online.


Businesses to Start Online and Work Offline


  1. Lawn care and tree trimming – It’s hard work but if you have the tools and like being outside this is a fun business option.
  2. Networking services – This involves setting up business networking events in your local area. You will need a good network yourself to make this work.
  3. Catering service – If you can cook, think about setting up as a mobile caterer. You will need a form of transport and some cooking equipment. But as long as you don’t have to buy a new car this won’t cost much to set up.
  4. Party balloons – The equipment you need is minimal so the startup costs are low. A good presence on social media like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram will really help boost this business.
  5. Handyman – If you can do the work, you probably already have the tools – so the startup costs are next to nothing.
  6. Mobile paper shredding – This is a bit more expensive to get going than some of the others, as you need a van and a heavy-duty shredder. But you can still get started with this business for a few thousand dollars.
  7. Crafts retailer – This involves making arts and craftwork in your home. You will probably have to pitch up at markets to sell them but you can also sell them on Ebay and on your own website, as well as other niche sites.
  8. Pet sitter – The costs are low on this one. And it’s obvious, but you have to love animals.
  9. Mobile pet groomer – You need some equipment for this business (including a car)  And you’ll also need the skills (and any licenses necessary) to groom pets.
  10. Mobile car valet – This is all about convenience – your customer can get their car cleaned while it sits in the office car park. You need some equipment but a few hundred dollars will get you going.


Now just pick one, take a deep breath and get ready for the hard work.