Posted on Jan 15, 2018

20 Reasons to Build a Website If You Don’t Run a Business

Running a website is an easy way to bring something you love to the public eye and interact with others from all over the world who appreciate your interests or talents. It’s also rewarding – sometimes financially, but always personally. The best part? You don’t need to rank at the top of the search results if you don’t run a business. Other than knowing a few basics about website safety, you just need to be you.

Even if you think you have nothing unique to say, chances are that you do. Here are 20 quick ideas to help you get started:

1. Mommy Blog

Write a blog about your experiences as a mother. Write posts about things you learn and experience, and keep track of your baby’s growth with photos. Your family will love this detailed baby album, and strangers can benefit from reading and learning about your experiences.

2. Your Wedding

Memorialize your special day and all the details of it with a wedding blog. You can tell stories about how you met, the proposal day, and wedding planning progress. Of course, when the big day happens, post photos of everything – from the big kiss to the table settings. People love seeing the ideas of other couples and sharing in the joy of marriage.

3. Show off your car collection

Whether your cars belong in a garage like Jay Leno’s, or you keep your micro-machine collection in shoe boxes, starting a website to show off your collection is a brilliant idea. If you’re a collector, starting a blog is a fun way to keep track of what you’ve previously collected, and organize any future purchases.

4. Your resume (in detail)

Posting your detailed resume on a website is a modern way to let potential employers learn a bit more about you at their convenience. This will also help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Sure, you can also use LinkedIn as an online resume. But showing more of your personality, writing style, and especially that you have the skills to build your own website gives you an edge.

5. Sweet 16

You (or your kids) only turn 16 once! A blog that highlights the party and the events will be fun to share with family and friends. Plus other teens may look to your party for ideas in planning their own big day.

6. Reserve your names (legal name and professional)

Starting a “” website is always smart for professionals looking to boost their visibility and credibility. Just remember to keep the website professional.

7. Outfit of the day

Do you have a killer eye for fashion? Start a blog that keeps track of your daily outfits. People love looking at what others are wearing and how they’re wearing it. The bonus is that you’ll get to bring your fashionable outfits to more than just the people you pass on the street.

8. Local reviews (restaurants, events, etc.)

Consider writing reviews about the local venues and attractions your visit. If you go to a lot of restaurants, events, or anything else worth writing about. Think of it as your own personal Yelp!

9. Photography, even if amateur

Do you enjoy photography? Even if you just take a few photos every day (and yes, even if they’re only on your iPhone), put the photos online for others to view. Just remember to copyright them if you’re concerned about others using them. Check out Creative Commons for free licensing where you can control who can use your images and how.

10. Food blog

Do you cook and bake delicious meals for your friends and family? Keep track of the recipes you use, how things turn out, and post pictures of your finished results.

11. Exercise tracking

Are you a workout fiend, or maybe you’re new to the exercise scene? Either way, starting an exercise tracking blog can really help inspire others with your progress.

12. Travel blog

If you’re always on the go, start a travel blog. Post pictures, write about your experiences with different areas, and try to include some useful travel tips for others.

13. How-to’s

Are you really good at something? Share your knowledge on a how-to website.

14. Opinion blog

This is for you if you have lots of opinions and want to share them with the world.  Although the future of the web is veering towards no anonymity, you can shield your identity if your opinions are unpopular. Remember to do no harm, and not attack anyone personally.

15. Sell something

Think of something you can sell, whether it’s art projects, scarves you make, or clothes you dig out of the depths of your closet. Start an online store and get your merchandise moving.

16. General Reviews

People love seeing what others think about items before they take the plunge. Start a review site for products you’re familiar with and experiment around with sharing your opinion. Whether it’s books, movies, or the latest beauty products you’ve purchased. Someone will probably want to read your review.

17. Gardening blog

Do you have a lush garden or a cute little window herb display? Are you here with seeds-in-hand and about to start one? Track your progress, your learned experiences, and photos of your little plants and share them with others on a gardening blog.

18. Pet blog

Are your pets like your children? Make a website about them and post pictures of them doing tricks. Even if they’re just being their normal cute selves, it still works.

19. Take your hobby to the web

Write about what you’re doing with your hobby for other people with the same hobby. Whether you like to bike, skateboard, or conduct Civil War reenactments, the world is a big place. Writing about your hobby is a great way to find others in your niche and interact with them.

20. Home remodeling progress

If you’re planning to remodeling a home, remember to take some before pictures. Describe the house prior to the work. Then post the fun part: the after pictures. People will appreciate your remodeling ideas, tips and tricks. And your home or properties will garner lots of attention for how beautiful they become.


The Internet is vast and there’s no limit to the information that it can contain. If you want to start a website, there’s a market for readers. Just make sure you pick a topic or subject that you absolutely love so you’ll effortlessly keep it going for a long time.



Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on Sep 30, 2013, it has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.