Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Choose the Right Website Builder for Your Business

Run a quick Google search, and you’ll see hundreds of results appear for the term “website builder.” Indeed, these tools have become quite popular, given that, while most business owners are expected to maintain a professional-looking web presence, few have the training and background needed to code their sites on their own.

The number of website builders has risen consequently, but if you spend any time looking into the different options that arise, you’ll quickly see one thing: that not all website builders are created equal.

In particular, you’ll find that, while some of these tools cater specifically to business owners, others are intended more for personal use. Differences in the way these tools are built for these different purposes can influence everything about them – from the templates they offer to the page layouts they can be used to create.

So how can you find and choose the option that’s best for your company? Keep the following tips in mind:

Look for a specialized business website builder

Clearly, you need a website builder that’s built for business websites, not just personal pages. But even within the category of business websites, you’ll find that specialized business website builders that cater to particular industries.

For example, if you do some digging you may be able to find a real estate website builder that only creates pages for agents, or a professional website builder that’s targeted towards those in legal, medical or business management services.

While you aren’t obligated to use tools like these, they may cut down your website development time substantially.

Check out others in your industry

One way to find specialized business website builder tools – or just to find out which general website builders othes in your industry prefer – take a look at the footer of your competitors’ websites.

There, you may find details on which website builder they used or which designers they worked with. Not all sites will have this information, but those that do can be considered valuable sources of insight.

Identify existing tools

Before you go looking for new business website builders, remember that you may already have access to tools that’ll help you get the job done.

Many web hosts – iPage included – offer website builder tools that are equipped with drag-and-drop interfaces and plenty of design templates to choose from. If you’re already paying for hosting, you may find that these provider-specific website builders are available free of charge or at a substantially discounted rate for existing customers.

To learn more about iPage’s WebsiteBuilder, check out the full list of features here or reach out directly to our support team today.

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