Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Creating Buyer Personas to Drive Content Strategy

Creating and understanding buyer personas is a good first step any small business can take to enhance their strategic efforts. A persona is a written first-person analysis and depiction of a potential buyer or customer. This depiction is a realistic, but fictional character who represents the types of customers who are most likely purchase your goods or services. When properly researched, buyer personas can bring to light who your key buyers are, the situations they are faced with, how they have changed, and most important – the goals they are trying to achieve.

Create Unique Content or Campaigns to Appeal to Each Persona

Let’s take a look at Apple to get a better grasp on buyer personas. Apple knew their iPhone buyer persona before even building the product. They hit a massive consumer market with a product that has continuously reinvented how we communicate. Today it is difficult to find anyone who does not own an iPhone or iPad. But, have you noticed how some of Apple’s advertisements have been shifting away from the basic consumer? Apple is now targeting their advertisements towards business professionals who want to use the devices to make their jobs more efficient. It is a genius move meant to capture a larger audience and all backed by the power of buyer personas.

This Apple advertisement is intended for a persona who would be using the phone for day to day activities and personal use.

On the flip side, Apple creates unique advertisements showcasing the iPad to a persona who would be using it to help with business efficiency.

Understand Your Buyer’s Behavior can Improve Revenue

Buyer personas create a common language and communication platform about your buyers. Having an understanding of your buyer’s behavior takes out a lot of the guess work when it comes to sales and marketing strategies. In turn it can improve revenue. By starting to build your buyer personas today you can start to seek and understand where your focus should be (like Apple targeting business professionals) when you try and help your customers fulfill their goals.

Think of it this way, if you don’t create buyer personas you risk structuring a marketing and sales strategy that doesn’t resonate with your target buyers. In the short term this misunderstanding will cost you sales and opportunities. In the long term not having this deep understanding about your customers reduces your potential customer lifetime value, making your long term growth stagnant.

Review Your Personas Before You Invest in Creating Content

To extract the most value out of your buyer personas, like the above Apple example, remember to keep them simple to keep them useful. Utilize this simplicity to help map your content strategy. Creating a piece of content can be a big investment when it comes to time and money. Therefore, you want to make sure that the content pieces you spend valuable time and resources on make the biggest possible impact. Use your personas to dictate the emails you send, the advertisements you create, and the website experience customers see.

Have you discovered that your main persona always asks the same question before purchasing? Write an e-book or blog that answers this question. What if you have a persona who is a high level executive making large business decisions? Send them an email with data on how your product can help them increase their bottom line. Your goal with using buyer personas for content is to create a story so compelling that any interaction with your company propels the purchasing momentum forward.

When done right, buyer personas can change everything. It is the key to making your company more customer-centric at every touch point. It will help dictate your content strategy and in the end drive sales and improve revenue.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these 10 buyer persona tools and templates. What tools do you use to help create and map out your buyer personas? Let us know by commenting below.