Posted on Aug 4, 2014

Creating your First Logo

Creating your First Logo


If you’re about to start the process of creating your first logo then you are in a better position than any small business owner who has come before you. This is because there are almost daily additions to the range of software, services or platforms that are designed to help. But with so many options, it’s hard to choose the right path. Here are some of the best to help you make a decision.


Hold on – there is some prep work to do first


Before you get into the design process it’s important to do a bit of research and preparation work first. This will help you get the right logo and it’ll ensure you don’t make common mistakes.


  1. Your message – Think about what you want your logo to say and what message you want to send your customers.
  2. Other logos – Look at logos from competitors and other companies in your industry to find ideas. You might also find it useful to look at logos from other industries. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t when looking at a particular logo.
  3. Where is it going – Think about where you are going to use your logo. Is it just for online use on websites and social media? Or will you use it on printed stationery, signs or product labels? Each location will have different size, format and shape requirements.
  4. The design – Make your new logo functional and clean. Avoid trendy designs as they soon go out of fashion. Don’t use clipart and use care if choosing a stock image – make sure you have the copyright and consider the possibility that other businesses will use the same image.
  5. The colors – Don’t use too many colors and never more than three. Also consider the cost of printing certain colors. And aim for a design that looks good in black-and-white as well as color.
  6. Your identity – Finally think about the identity of your business – your logo should reflect this identity. For example you shouldn’t design a logo in a funky, urban style if you are an accountancy firm with a corporate image based on trust, professionalism and reliability.


Time to Design


You probably still won’t know what your new logo will look like even after doing all of the above. But that’s not the point. The point is to establish some principles and guidelines for this phase – the design phase.


You have two main options when creating a logo: free solutions and resources; and paid-for services. Here are some of the best free options:


  • Logomaker – Strictly speaking this is only free for online logos. If you need higher resolution copies for printed materials Logomaker charges $49. But if all you need is an online logo this is one of the best tools. It is easy to use and has loads of images and options.
  • Supalogo – For a simple text logo it doesn’t get easier than Supalogo. Just add your text, adjust your colors, fonts and a few other things, and click download. Job done.
  • Logo Victory – Many “free” logo creators ask you to register, sign up for a trial or send a tweet in return for using their service. Logo Victory doesn’t do any of that. Just create your logo and download it. If you want a higher resolution all you have to do is pay a small fee.


Now some of the premium services:


  • LogoWorks – LogoWorks is part of the computer company HP. There are some forms you’ll need to fill out, to give the designers your design brief. After that you pick one of their packages, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. A few days later they’ll send your logo.
  • Fiverr – If you want something cheaper – much cheaper – Fiverr is an option. It has loads of budding designers who will create a logo for you for. And you guessed it – the cost is only $5.
  • 99designs – An alternative is 99designs. The costs are similar to those of LogoWorks but it is based on a competition format. You fill out the forms with your creative brief and select one of their packages. Designers will then send you ideas. You pick one winner who gets all the money and you keep their logo design.


All of these options are cheaper than going to a design agency and paying thousands of dollars. Pick the best one to suit your budget.