Posted on Mar 8, 2018

The Importance of Website Backups

Let’s start by laying out a nightmare situation for you. You wake up the same as every morning, start the day with your morning coffee ritual, and after sifting through your morning emails you go to check your company website. However, when you load the homepage of your site you don’t see the usual company mission statement. Instead you are getting tons of pop ups and click bait ads followed by a crash of your entire browser. You my friend, have been hacked and a website backup may be the only thing that will fix the problem at hand.

What is a Website Backup

To put it into simple terms, a website backup is one of the best insurance plans any company or business owner can voluntarily choose to invest in to prevent against virtual disaster. We all know about backing up important files and documents on our personal or work computers – and your website is no different. You should save a copy of your website files to an external source so that thy can be recovered in case of data loss. There are so many things, both accidental and intentional, that can fully take down or destroy a website. If you don’t want to succumb to a true website disaster then it is absolutely imperative that you properly backup your website files to keep your site safe and secure.

Still not understanding the necessity of backups? Here are 4 reasons why website backups can truly make or break your digital presence.

Mistakes are Inevitable

We are all human and mistakes happen. It is a universal truth and simply unavoidable. A developer or content manager could click the wrong button, deleting a vital file to the inner-workings of your site, and the next thing you know the entire thing crashes. ITIC released results of an independent survey and the results are staggering. 98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000.

It is not safe to assume that your hosting provider automatically has safeguards in place and accessible backups of your website. Most providers, like iPage, offer a backup solution as an add-on, paid package. In the event that a provider does have a backup locked away on some remote server, it may not be readily available for quick use. Even if immediate restoration is possible, the mere minutes of downtime caused by a simple mistake could end up costing your entire website and thousands in lost revenue.

You Will Get Hacked

A lot of Content Management Systems (CMS) are open source platforms which means that everyone has access to the root code. WordPress is the most commonly used open source CMS and accounts for roughly 27% of all websites. When WordPress (or any open source platform) update their core files, all the exploitable vulnerabilities that were just corrected via the update are now publicly known to all the hackers around the world. These hackers update their code and bots accordingly and wait for websites that do not perform regular updates. If you are not maintaining proper website backups and skipping essential software updates you are making yourself the perfect target.

Denver Post states that 60% of small businesses who suffer a cyber attack are out of business within 6 months.

You don’t want to be part of that statistic and for that reason alone give yourself some peace of mind by maintaining regular backups and security updates.

Computers Crash

Some of you may be thinking you have the cat in the bag because you keep local website backups on your computer hard drive, but that is not the case. While it is definitely good practice, it should not be your all-encompassing backup solution because computers still crash all the time.

Pro Tip: Standard procedure is to have at least 3 website backups at all times: one that is offsite with a reputable vendor like iPage, one on your local hard drive, and one on the live site itself.

Updates Can Go Wrong

Even though we strongly recommend always updating plugins, software, and other features of your website, sometimes updating these core files can become corrupted. Since all your doing is pushing the update button it can be baffling when all of the sudden your site has crashed. Now you have to deal with your boss calling, revenue loss, angry customers and sheer panic as you try and figure out what went wrong. It is moments like this where having a reliable website backup is worth every penny.

Another Pro Tip: In case you find yourself in a scenario described above, you don’t want to be scrambling to learn the ropes of website restoration. It is recommended that you teach yourself and implement a backup restore a few times as practice so you can calmly handle any website downtime situation.  

Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses work a little differently than a complete site hack and takeover. These viruses, trojan horses, and other types of malware files are like little bugs that unknowingly infiltrate your system to bring your site down from the inside out. Over 1 million new pieces of malware are created each day. You can download them unknowingly through third party applications, themes, plugins, or they can slip through a loophole in your firewall. Having a website backup ensures that you can restore a previous version of your website without these bugs in case your site starts to act up in weird and mysterious ways.

Don’t Fret – iPage has Your Website Backups Fully Handled

Now that you understand the importance of website backups, we hope you are strongly considering implementing a solution to your service arsenal. iPage’s hosting and site  backup solution can give you the necessary protections for your website and peace of mind. Our basic backup plans start at just over a buck per month.

Have any questions, comments, or your own website backup horror story you would like to share? Be sure to comment below.


Feature image: Pixabay