Posted on Sep 9, 2018

Informative Product Pages Help You Stand Out

Who doesn’t love shopping online? With a few points and clicks, your stuff shows up on your stoop a few days later. Buying products online that you know everything about or have used before is one thing. But what about when you’re buying something you’ve never seen in real life before? All you have to go on are the pictures and any other product information that the website chooses to provide. In the world of online shopping, your product page can exude the essence of your brand. And it can often make or break a sale.


Don’t Lose Sales


Research has shown that around 10% of shoppers will leave a website if the product information page is poor, even if you have what they’re looking to buy. That’s a pretty decent chunk of a market to lose, and one you can easily avoid losing with a few little adjustments to your product information pages. Product information pages are important to help people make purchasing decisions. Because of this, they need to be clear, uncluttered, have high-quality images, along with thorough and entertaining descriptions.


Focus on Details


People need and want to know exactly what they’re getting when purchasing something online. Unlike store purchasing where you can handle the item and see what it’s all about, online shoppers rely on companies to bring this information to them. Product descriptions that go above and beyond the basic details will be far more likely to get people purchasing than descriptions that are very basic or lacking in content.


Websites Doing it Right


A lot of websites have excellent product information pages. Here are just a few examples of businesses that have it together when it comes to letting customers know exactly what they’re buying. – Amazon gives detailed descriptions for everything from paper to air fresheners. If you’re buying an air freshener, you’ll know the exact weight of the can, a description of the actual scent, some history of the company, information on the environmental aspects of using the aerosol can, and user reviews. You’ll also get suggestions for other products you may enjoy based on that air freshener – and you’ll get to see what other products shoppers who have bought the air freshener have also bought. Wouldn’t you feel comfortable buying that air freshener without needing to see it or smell it in person? – Lululemon makes high-quality workout clothes. And they do so with gusto.  They’re known for being an irreverent brand, and they often feature entertaining, inspiring web copy. How can you not want some new workout gear when you read lines like “your perspiration is our inspiration”? Whether or not you think that line is a little too cutesy, you get the gist.


Lululemon puts the focus on their customers by showing product reviews. Reviews allow your customers to speak their mind while simultaneously filling in blanks for others. This has the added benefit of cutting back on time that would otherwise go towards customer service. Just make sure you offer high-quality products, or else any 1-star reviews will detract from customer interest. – This hip online clothing store provides fun but useful product descriptions. Not only do you get all-angle pictures of items, and often pictures of a model wearing the items, but you also get details such as “this dress runs small and the fabric doesn’t stretch at all” so you can order your sizes correctly. Even if you aren’t that girl who treats the city sidewalks like her own personal runway, you get a feel for the type of person who would wear that dress. Great content not only makes your products come alive, but it makes potential customers feel something.


If you have a website that offers items for sale, make sure your product descriptions and information pages are providing potential customers with solid, detailed and honest information. Imagine what you would want to know about the product if you were considering buying it for the first time. And picture how you’d want to feel when your purchase arrives at your home.


Do you create informative product descriptions on your website? Is your product information entertaining and informative? Please comment below.