Posted on Aug 1, 2017

Meet the iPage WebsiteBuilder

At iPage, we’re proud of the robust features that make our website builder the easiest tool out there for creating a professional-looking website. WebsiteBuilder is included free with all of our hosting plans, and could be the easiest way to get your site online, with no technical experience required!

We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. You can enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site. We’ve even got a robust catalog of user guides to help you get started, and to help you when you are ready to take your site to the next level.

Here’s what makes our WebsiteBuilder special:


Drag-and-Drop Website Building

Perfect for beginners, content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Building your website is done in real-time, right from your web browser, with no coding or plugins required.

Our entry-level plan lets you build up to six pages for free (higher-tier packages come with unlimited website pages).


100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates to Choose From

Get a head start by choosing one of our professional looking, mobile friendly design templates. Once you select a template for your site, you can begin to immediately edit it with your own text and images.

Each of our templates is customizable, allowing you to change the color scheme and fonts to match your specific brand standards. And there are no wrong choices, templates can be reset to the default settings, or you can change to a different template at any time.

web design templates


Built-in Paypal Integration

credit cardWant to sell something on your iPage website? No problem. Use our drag-and-drop interface to add a shopping cart to your site and start taking payments immediately. With PayPal, your customers have a convenient, and secure way to pay.

When you are ready, you can upgrade to our Business WebsiteBuilder package for even more options for shopping carts, inventory management, and payment processors.


SEO and Social Media Tools

Launching a site is a big accomplishment, but there is no insurance that search engines like Google will present your site as a top search result. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and social media marketing are essential for success in today’s digital environment. That’s why we’ve built in features that allow iPage users to easily add search keywords and meta data that will help search engines to crawl you site. Plus you can add social sharing buttons and other social elements that permit visitors to easily share our content directly to their own networks.


Revision History

Made a mistake? Deleted something you shouldn’t have? Your site can revcover. Our Professional and Business packages allow you to revert back to an automatically-saved previous version of your site.


Analytics integrations

reporting examplesIt’s important to understand how your site is performing – at this point in time, and compared to previous periods. Did you get the traffic you expected for that new blog, or during the busy season for your business? You’ll need to review site performance analytics regularly to know the answers to these questions.

All of our WebsiteBuilder packages let you measure your total volume of visitors, and how they are interacting with your site. You can use through iPage’s Webalizer analytics suite or Google Analytics (available with Professional and Business packages).



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