Posted on May 29, 2014

Learn From these 10 Hot Internet Startups

Learn From these 10 Hot Internet Startups


There has never been as good a time as now to start a business. New technology and the power of the internet have opened up the door to entrepreneurship for people from all walks of life all over the world. If you are one of these people or if you hope to start something soon here are some companies that will give you some ideas, inspiration, or both. They are on the road to possible success, which is why we can learn from these 10 hot internet startups.


Hot Internet Startups



One of the things most of us do online is shop which usually means browsing and searching for bargains and the best prices. Hukkster makes that process easier. It was developed by Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan and helps users stay up to date with sales. You tell it what you want to buy and it will notify you when the item goes on sale.


The use of mobile devices is now part of everyday life for everything from shopping to working to browsing social media, but our devices are still largely disconnected. You access the same or similar content on your phone, tablet and computer but those devices do not interact well together. Pushbullet offers a solution by making it easier to send and receive alerts across your devices.


Connecting our lives is a theme that many businesses will get involved in over the coming years. One of them is Dash. It is a small device that you plug into your car. It then connects to your phone and essentially turns your car into a smart car. If you have a problem it will diagnose it and estimate how much the repair will be. It also helps improve efficiency to save you money.


SmartThings is a company that is operating in a similar space. Instead of your car it offers products that connect your home to your phone. It can connect up to your alarm system, automatically start your coffee machine, turn lights on in a room when you walk in, send you an alert if your dog goes outside, or just about anything else.


Sometimes you only have to look at the founders of a company to make you sit up and take notice. Level Money is one of those companies. It helps you plan your finances on your phone and was co-founded by Jake Fuentes who used to manage global emerging products for Visa.



Another example is ThinkUp which is involved in the crowded but innovative social media industry. It counts among its founders Gina Trapani, one of the people behind Lifehacker. ThinkUp offers social media analytics but they are not aiming their service at businesses. Instead this is social media analytics for regular people to let them see who shares or interacts with them most.


Social media is changing a lot of things including education and the pace of that change is going to continue. One company in the middle of it all is Memrise. It calls itself a learning platform where people can take courses in languages, history, science and much more. The courses are free and are created by the Memrise community. It is social learning.



Not all hot startups are aimed at consumers though. Take Clarity as an example. It is a service for business owners and entrepreneurs that allows them to connect with industry experts. They can get advice, learn a new skill or do market research. All businesses need this sort of thing at various stages of their development and Clarity makes it easy to do with everything on one platform.



There are some interesting businesses aimed at the tech industry as well. This includes Kimono. Its service aims to give you some of the functions that Google can perform. Google is a big machine that scrapes data from most of the websites in the world and then uses that data to perform various functions for their users, i.e. to return search results. Kimono lets you scrape data from a website in a similar way. It will not build a search engine for you. But the data that you can access with the service opens up limitless possibilities.



The final company on the list is also the oldest. Uber been around for a while (2009) but it is included here because of its current plans. It is a ride sharing service that is shaking up the taxi industry and has won backing from investors like Google Ventures. But what makes it really interesting is where the company is going. It is looking at the same-day delivery market, which is an area that is primed for huge growth.


One of the final things to take notice of in this list is the variation between these examples. All are working in different niches and doing various things, proving it’s an exciting time to be in business and to be an entrepreneur.