Posted on May 29, 2015

New Ways To Sell

You have many different options when it comes to selling online. This includes selling on your website, using email marketing or doing the social media thing. Despite this range of options, one of the most popular methods of selling online is to list your products on an online marketplace, like Amazon or eBay. These two companies dominate the attention of sellers, but if you’re a savvy business owner, you’re not ok with the status quo. This means that you’re probably looking for other options to successfully sell your product online.

The newer platforms may allow you to build your reputation a bit more easily than if you started out on the larger companies (like Amazon or eBay). But at the same time, there is no guarantee how long new startups will be around. These shiny, new platforms have appeal as long as you’re knowledgeable about where they’ll take you in your business. So here are some options and information for new, savvy ways to sell online:

11 Main

11 Main is a Chinese ecommerce website, launched in 2014. It’s owned by Alibaba, and it handles more e-business than any other commerce company. You need an invitation to join the site as a seller, but you can request one by going to their shop owners’ page. The process involves filling out a form to ensure that you’re an established online sellers. Plus you have to sell products that fall within one of the 11 Main categories. These are fashion, home, jewelry, baby, collecting, sporting goods, toys, technology and entertainment.


Jet has developed a business model that it hopes will differentiate its offering from other marketplaces like Amazon. Jet charges buyers a fee for using their site (at the moment it’s $50 a year). This fee is how the company plans on making money, and it claims that it won’t take any percentage of sales. Both Amazon and eBay are different in that they are free to use, but they charge a fee on every sale. Jet believes its model will help keep prices low for the consumer, which allows it to compete with Amazon.

The Old And The Future

Minted is a niche marketplace that’s worth looking into if you’re an artist or designer. While it has been around since 2007 it has picked up some substantial investors and has expanded its product categories to include wall prints and other decor.


Etsy is a niche platform that’s well-established. But this doesn’t mean that the bigger players (who aren’t as niche) aren’t competing with it. Amazon, for example, is reportedly establishing its own direct competitor to Etsy called Handmade.

Your approach to selling depends on your resources and business objectives. This, along with your marketing strategy, should determine what platform you choose. Whether you want to check out one of the newer sites, or you stick with Amazon or eBay, you have a lot of options. Choose wisely.