Posted on Jan 22, 2015

Product Spotlight: WordPress Hosting / WP Essential

WordPress is easily the most popular platform for building websites on the internet. It runs large and complicated websites, and it runs small websites and blogs. It is a preferred choice because of this versatility, as well as the low costs associated with development and the ease of use. But that ease of use only really kicks in once the website is up and running. It still takes a bit of technical knowledge to install, configure and manage a WordPress website. To make this easier iPage created WP Essential.

To understand what WP Essential does think about buying a new mobile phone. Setting up a WordPress website without WP Essential would be like getting a completely blank phone with a flat battery and no cover for the battery. Before you can start using it you have to charge up the battery, go back to the store to buy a cover, and then install and setup the operating system. Of course no phone manufacturer would dream of selling you a phone like this, but it is essentially what faces you if you start setting up a WordPress website on a standard hosting account.

WP Essential, on the other hand, is like getting your brand new phone with an attractive cover, a charged up battery, and everything installed and ready to go. You just need to enter some personal settings and you are up and running.

What is WP Essential?

WP Essential takes care of most of the technical parts of setting up and running a website. This means:

  • Installation – you don’t have to install WordPress as it is done for you
  • Plugins – handpicked plugins that will make your website more functional come pre-installed
  • Security – a service to automatically detect malware is installed on your website, as is a firewall to protect it. And if anything does manage to get through despite this (through a compromised password, for example), there is a malware removal tool

There are a few other things offered by WP Essential that makes it easier to get up and running with a WordPress website. This includes a selection of hand-picked themes that have already been tried and tested. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting the storage space estimates or bandwidth estimates for your website right. WP Essential is unlimited which means you can add as much content as you want, and when your site gets super busy, it won’t crash or be shut off.

Finally there is telephone support available 24 hours a day to help with any problems that you might encounter.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of WP Essential fall into two main categories:

  • Time
  • Security and functionality

For many people new to WordPress, most of the time spent setting up a new website is taken up with figuring out configuration options as well as choosing, installing and setting up plugins and themes. When you spend time doing this, you are not creating content. WP Essential saves this time.

Then there is the security and functionality aspect. Once your website is up and running the last thing you want is for it to go offline because of a security breach or because you have exceeded the limits of your hosting account. With WP Essential, these concerns are minimized.

Finally, if you do have the time and knowledge to get into the technical aspects of your WordPress site, that’s fine too. You are not locked out of any standard WordPress functionality in any way which means WP Essential is as simple and straightforward, or as in-depth and powerful, as you need.