Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Psychology of Digital Marketing In 2018

Digital marketing demands quick thinking and determination in order to reach and resonate with an audience. The key is to appeal to the emotion of the consumer and attempt to convert those emotions into a wish that will result in your product being sold. Analyzing psychology and behavioral patterns is crucial if you are to become a successful digital marketer.

One of the ways you can work on your marketing proficiency is by looking at various factors that influence consumers to take that extra step and hit that checkout button. Achieving that is a challenge, but it is not unreachable. If you play your cards right, you will increase your site traffic, customer interaction and ultimately – sales.

Peer confirmation

If we see something being consumed by our friend – we immediately wonder what it is and what value our friend sees in it. It is a very interesting trigger that sways the consumer to make that final decision and purchase the product as well.

Actual sources of this can be found pretty much at every corner of the Internet. Facebook groups/ notifications, retweets on Twitter, online reviews on niche websites – basically, any online activity that can be seen in a public (or private) way. In order to get those positive reviews, it goes without saying – your product has to deliver.

Today’s tech-savvy generations want to keep themselves in the loop. This social phenomenon is known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This video offers an interesting perspective on said fear, but the meaning is pretty straightforward. Put yourself in the loop by taking advantage of the hashtag culture that is present on most social media platforms, notably Twitter and Instagram. Getting your product or brand trending is one of the peaks of modern marketing, use it well.

Quality Content

Laptop open on deskGetting your content shared across digital platforms can be tricky, but achievable if you commit your message in a way that resonates with people. This can be done by appealing to a variety of motives that drive people to share posts. Your best bet is to support a cause or create posts that have entertainment value. The psychology behind this is that consumers feel compelled to share something that motivates others to get involved.

Creating a dry marketing post is a pitfall that will only lead to zero engagement from your consumers. Make sure your post is well designed – use contrast and colors to attract attention along with clever wording. Couple this with clever web design to achieve the best results. Make sure your presentation is consistent and aligned with your branding. If you are lacking expertise in creating said content, consider employing a dedicated person to manage your social media.

Create Urgency

The previously mentioned FOMO phenomenon is closely linked to this point. If you use a certain sentence or phrase you can motivate people to purchase your product. This is why most advertisements use phrases like “last chance”, “limited-time only” or “going fast”. This approach is also known as scarcity marketing.

By presenting your product in this way you are creating an artificial sense of accomplishment in the eyes of your consumer when purchasing your product. Additionally, this prompts the consumer to be proactive and perhaps fasten the decision to purchase your product.  Another way to do things would be to provide the sense of exclusivity by using phrases like “be ahead of the curve” or “you’ve heard it first”. People enjoy bragging about their unique experiences – mostly to further their social status. Take advantage of this and turn it into profit.

Prioritize the consumers

Crowd at concert

People love being in the spotlight and the focal point of attention. Talking about themselves makes them feel important and valuable. The dopamine rush people feel when doing these things is a similar one to consuming food or turning a profit. Some even prefer it to those things.

Therefore, focus on the consumer and be mindful of your wording. Avoid focusing on “us” and divert it towards “you”. A marketing tactic that is oriented towards this kind of narrative is growing in importance especially in today’s time when consumers are becoming increasingly self-aware, according to web developers from Sydney. Additionally, the attention people will provide to your message is painstakingly limited. Talking about your business within that small time frame is counterproductive and should be oriented towards the consumer.

Online ads have surpassed conventional TV ads in scope and profitability. Making it happen online has become more challenging than ever before. Therefore take your online presence seriously and use these tips to your advantage – your competitor will surely do the same. Focus on your consumer and stay concise while putting their experience first and foremost.

Increasing the quality and visibility of your website and marketing pitch can make or break you. The benefits, aside from the consumer engagement, are your Google rankings too. You are basically killing two birds with one stone since you are optimizing your content to the needs of SEO as well. This is done via finding desirable keywords, implementing appropriate design choices and even delivering from a technical standpoint with fast user queries or snap loading times. A clear presentation of your sales pitch is the future of SEO – avoid clutter and focus on the product alone.


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