Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Set Sail With Google Apps Or Cast A Net With Constant Contact

Email is one of the most powerful online marketing, management and communication tools today. Email can help you manage your team, run your business, find new customers, and more. But if you are using standard email services you’re only scratching the surface. All you have is a communication tool. Google Apps for Work and Constant Contact can make an instant and long-term impact on your business. But what is the difference between the two?

To explain the difference, let’s use a maritime metaphor. Using a standard email service is like heading into the ocean on a rowing boat with a small fishing rod and basic tackle box. It is possible, but it’s not convenient, efficient or comfortable. Using Google Apps for Work is like heading out to sea on a luxury yacht fitted with the best and latest safety and comfort features. It is the best way to sail (but you’ll need to bring your own food).

With Constant Contact you don’t get a boat, but you do get all the nets and equipment that you need to catch the fish that live in the sea.

How To Choose

You have three choices:

  1. Stay in your rowing boat with a standard email client
  2. Move up to a luxury yacht with Google Apps for Work
  3. Bring your own boat but get all the tools that you need to find and convert new customers with Constant Contact.

Let’s get out into the waters with a bit more detail:

Luxury Sailing With Google Apps For Work

Google Apps for Work brings all of the powerful email features found in the personal version of Gmail and applies them to your business email accounts. This means you can use the full Gmail functionality with your business email address.

The functions include:

  • Intelligent tabs and filters to keep your inbox uncluttered
  • Powerful spam protection
  • Useful email search facilities
  • Good security
  • Email apps to add additional functionality
  • Integration with other Google services such as Hangouts, Calendar, Docs and more

Google Apps for Work will work for you rather you than you working at your email.

Cast Your Net With Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool. It has many functions but for most businesses it has one simple purpose – to find and convert new clients.

Here’s how it does it:

  • Effective tools that help you build up your email list
  • Attractive newsletter templates to deliver your message
  • Social media integration to increase the reach of your campaigns
  • Powerful reports to help you refine and improve

You will need your own email service to use Constant Contact, but it will turn your email address into a marketing and client acquisition tool.

All About Priorities

Your current priorities will decide which of the choices mentioned earlier is right for you. Do you want to communicate and work more efficiently, or do you want to expand and improve your online marketing efforts? Of course, you could do both, combining the powerful communication and business management tools that come with Gmail, and the email marketing tools that make up Constant Contact.

When you go this route you’ll never have to come ashore again.