Posted on Jan 8, 2015

Spruce up your social media pages with these widgets

Social media pages are powerful tools for generating revenue, but social media is a crowded place. How do you get heard above the noise? What makes your page stand out? There are many things that can help you, including sprucing up your social media pages with the widgets and tools outlined below.

It is getting increasingly hard to get your message to your customers on social media, particularly if you spend a minimal amount of money on ads. These days being a business on social media is like being at a festival concert with 100,000 other people. Your friend arrives and is trying to find you. You can shout directions down the phone and wave your arms in the hope that she sees you, but the chances of meeting in a sea of people like this are slim.

Instead you need to do something proactive that takes more time and effort. At the festival, this could mean telling your friend to wait at the entrance – instead of making the 20 minute journey through the masses to find her. On your business social media page it means doing things that give you an edge, or things that make your page more interesting.


  • BloggingRSS Tab allows you to publish your website’s blog directly on your Facebook page. This will increase the amount of people who will potentially read your blog, and help to keep users on your Facebook page for longer.
  • Shopping – You should harness every opportunity that you can to make sales. This includes giving your users the opportunity to buy your products directly from your Facebook page. There are many apps that allow you set this up, including Ecwid.
  • Cross promoting – If you use other social media networks, particularly those that are image and video driven, you should promote them on your Facebook page. You can do this with your Instagram page, Pinterest page, and Youtube feed.



  • Chat – Make your involvement in hashtag chats more efficient and productive with chat apps like Tweetchat.
  • Fresh content – What content most interests your followers on Twitter? Swayy helps you find the content that your followers read and recommend so that you can tailor your future posts.
  • Follow and unfollow – Speed up how you follow and unfollow Twitter users with the help of tools like ManageFlitter.



  • Grids – A good way to make a unique post to Instagram is to combine your photos into beautiful grids. This is made easy with Photo Grid.
  • Repost – The easiest way to repost great images from other Instagram feeds to your own is by using a service like InstaGetter. (Of course it’s always best to post your own unique images).
  • Beautify – Instagram is about posting stunning images. PicsArt can help you do this. You can also use it to add text to your images.


  • Analytics and marketing – With Tailwind you can pin to multiple boards, schedule your pins, and optimize them so they reach as many people as possible. You can also use it to measure and analyze the performance of your page.
  • Find boards – Find group boards on Pinterest to reach more users with PinGroupie. It helps you find the most popular and active boards.
  • Create – It is not enough to post an image to Pinterest directly from your phone or camera – that’s what Instagram is for. Usually you need to do more with the image to make it interesting, i.e. edit it, add a filter, or add text. Canva is one of the best tools for doing this.

Using these tools and widgets will help make your social media pages more interesting to users. This will keep your readers coming back for more. And when they do that, then (and only then) you can start marketing to them.