Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Strange and Quirky Domain Name Facts

Strange and Quirky Domain Name Facts


Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet the famous quoted passage: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose; by any other name would smell as sweet." As far as roses go that is true – a rose smells like a rose whatever you call it. But when it comes to websites, domain names matter. And with over 150 million registered domain names in existence it is no surprise that there are some odd stories. So here are some of the best strange and quirky domain name facts.


Millions for made up words


In 2014 the Chinese technology company Xiaomi decided they needed a new domain name. The one they chose cost $3.8 million – for a domain that is not even a word. The domain name they bought was


Most expensive is nowhere near the most expensive domain name, though. That accolade belongs to which was bought in 2007 for $35 million. Other expensive domain names include ($18 million), ($11 million), and ($8.5 million).


All gone


The domain name mentioned above was bought by Facebook. It is impossible to buy two letter domains like this unless you pay big bucks. The same applies to three-character domain names. Using the 26 letters of the alphabet you can make over 50,000 different three-character combinations. The .com domain name for each of these combinations is already registered.


More than three As


One of the combinations above is, and that is already registered. So is,, and In fact, every AA… combination is already registered. Domain names can have a maximum of 63 characters and even A (plus 62 more As).com has been registered.


Long and unpronounceable


There is a village in Wales in the UK call Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. The domain name is registered. And no, we can’t pronounce it – at one point it has 14 consonants without a vowel, and who outside of Wales knows how to pronounce a quadruple “l”?


Are you average?


Most registered domain names are 11 characters long. And the most common first letter is “S”.


Who is buying these domain names anyway?


Everyone is buying, it seems, but one of the most prolific is a man called Mike Mann. In 2012 he registered 14,962 in one day. Normally he registers just 300 per day. He says his company makes hundreds of thousands every month reselling domains.


The global drinks company Coca Cola owns, and every other variation, including


Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment


In 1996 the company Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment bought the domain name In 2005 three tech entrepreneurs registered and launched a video-sharing website. In 2006 the servers of Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment crashed because 68 million people typed instead of in their browsers. Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment changed their website – it is now


Leading the way


The first ever domain name was registered by the company Symbolics Inc. It was a computer manufacturer that doesn't exist anymore, but it does hold a place in the history of the internet. On March 15, 1985 it registered the first ever domain name –


The future


The most common domain name extension is .com, but most people are also familiar with .net, .org and .biz. Country specific domain names like .us and are also common.


But a whole new world now beckons as the number of top level domains has exploded. You can now get yourcompany.REHAB, yourcompany.BARGAINS, yourcompany.TATTOO, and many more. In fact there are now hundreds to choose from, and more are becoming available every month.


The domain .rose isn’t available yet though. It’s a thorny topic – even for someone like Shakespeare.