Posted on Jan 19, 2017

The 5 Emails You Should Never Send Your Customers

Email marketing can be a very powerful way to keep in touch with current and potential customers. Still, learning the ropes of email marketing does take a lot of time.

Whether you’re engaging with your customers via email about one of your products, or they’ve joined your weekly email newsletter, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid doing.

Below we dive into the five kinds of emails you’ll want to avoid sending at all costs.

Email marketing is all about relationship building. By avoiding the mistakes below you’ll be well on your way towards creating a deep and lasting relationship with your fans and followers.


1. Generic and Bland Emails

We live in the age of personalization. With the level of customization and targeting that most email marketing services provide there’s no excuse for sending a “one-size-fits-all” email.

Sure, it can save time to blast out a simple email to every single person on your email list. But, this usually isn’t the best course of action. For instance, maybe you’re sending out an email to get feedback on a specific product. It only makes sense to source feedback from those who’ve actually used the product.

Sending the email to every single subscriber will likely only annoy those who haven’t purchased anything from you yet.

Try to customize and target down your email whenever possible.


2. The ‘Excuse’ Email

Making excuses for a recent business failing or other event should never be done. People want to do business with professionals. If you made a mistake, own it.

Don’t outsource your mistake to other members of your team, your manufacturer, or anyone else. This will only leave a sour taste in the mouths of your readers.

If something didn’t work, take ownership for what happened, and show how you’re going to move forward. This is a much more proactive approach and will earn you respect in the eyes of your readers. Here’s a good example of the right way to do this:

Oops Email Example

Source: LifeLearn


3. The ‘Talking Down’ Email

Never ever treat your subscribers as lesser than.

Since we’re dealing with email it’s easy to lose track of the reader that’s on the receiving end of your email. Just because your company is solving a problem for your customers doesn’t mean you know everything about them and the issue they’re experiencing.

Never undervalue your customer’s pain points. Instead, acknowledge them and offer a solution if you have it. But, never belittle any issues, whether related to your business or not, that your customers are having.


4. Emails That Contain Private Information

This has to do with the security and privacy of your business and your subscribers.

You might have certain private information regarding your customers and this should never be shared via email.

If their email account is hacked, then they run the risk of a lot of potentially sensitive information getting out there. When in doubt, find a safer way to disclose any personal information, such as bank account information, account passwords, social security numbers, and more.


5. Ranty or Emotional Emails

We’re human. We’re emotional creatures. But your subscribers shouldn’t be treated as a group of people to listen to your rants.

Your email list should be used for a very specific purpose. Anything outside of this well-defined purpose should go elsewhere. Do you think your subscribers care about your thoughts on the upcoming election? Or why you think we all need to become vegan?

Keep unrelated thoughts away from your email list and find another more suitable platform (such as your personal social media account).



Can you think of any other emails you should avoid sending to your customers? Please share in the comments below.