Posted on Oct 3, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Follow iPage on Social Media

In a recent survey, we asked our customers if they followed us on social media. To those that answered “no,” we asked why not. Responses came flooding in and, much to our surprise, the most popular reply came in the form of a question … “Why should I?” So with that, we wrote this blog post.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should follow iPage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

1. Special offers, discounts, deals and giveaways. This one might strike you as the most obvious, and perhaps the most motivating. But the number one reason to find and follow iPage on social media is for the free goods! Facebook and Twitter in particular are two of the first places we announce limited-time product sales or special promotions. If you check our social pages regularly, you’ll likely see things like domain sales, free Weebly upgrades, 2nd accounts for a buck, and more. iPage Apple Watch Giveaway

Then there are the contests and giveaways! We love giving away free stuff and hosting fun contests for our customers. But if you aren’t following us on social media, you’re definitely going to miss out – especially because some of the giveaways and product promotions are actually exclusive to Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram alone.

For example, every month we write a feature story about an iPage customer and their website, and then share it across all our social pages. Just for fun, we like to thank our featured customers by giving them all a $100 Mobil Gas Card. Just think, that could be you! (Want your site to be featured?  Fill out the form on this page).

Still not convinced ? Just to celebrate our blog redesign and encourage more of you to follow us, we’re giving away a brand new Apple Watch! Needless to say, these special offers and deals are reason enough to follow iPage on social.


2. News updates and product information. If you’re already a customer of ours, then you know there are a lot of different products and services that make up your iPage account. From the servers that actually host your site, to the security tools that keep it safe, and the marketing solutions that help you promote it, there is a lot you need keep track of, and we get that. Plus, as is the case with anything technology-related, updates are always being made, changes are always being announced, and it always seems like there is something new you need to be aware of.

So, the second reason you should follow iPage is because it’s the fastest and easiest way we keep you in the loop — about everything! For example, if there is an issue with one of our servers, or a new version of PHP becomes available, or Google announces it’s changing their SEO policies … Whatever the scoop, we want you to know as quickly as possible. That’s why we make sure to send out a Tweet, post to our Facebook page, or publish a Google+ article. If even more background is needed, we’ll write a blog post about it (like this one!) and then link to that post on all of our social sites, too.

Why not just email you? While we do use email as a main form of communicating with our customers, social media allows us to A) provide real-time updates any time of day or night, and B) share about a number of different things – some that aren’t quite considered email-worthy, but you’d still like to know. Plus, we might tweet a handful of times in one day alone, especially when it comes to sharing important information on-the-fly. Can you imagine if we emailed you that often? We’d be banned from email inboxes faster than we could blink!


3. Opportunity to voice your opinion and connect. iPage is connected with over 30,000 individuals through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram alone – many of them small business owners and professionals just like you. When you choose to follow iPage, you’re instantly connected with this great community of peopleVoice Your Opinion & Connect. This creates an incredible opportunity to network, communicate and engage with others in your field or area. That wealth of knowledge and shared experience is, in and of itself, a strength worth adding to your business artillery. That’s why it’s wins third place in reasons to follow iPage.

Plus, following us gives you the ability to communicate with us, too! Should you have an issue with your account or a question about one of our products, tweeting @iPage or @iPageSupport will escalate your request and/or notify us that you have a pending question or concern. Through Facebook, you can comment on our posts and share your thoughts about what we’re sharing. The same goes for our Instagram and Google+, too.

We love connecting with our customers over social media, and we encourage you to voice your opinions and share your feedback, even if it’s just to tell us you like what we’re doing! No matter what or where you share, our team is committed to responding back, incredibly fast, every time.


iPage Abby 4. Just for fun! You should see some of the stuff we post. If one thing is true about the iPage team, it’s that we work hard, play hard and laugh hard, too. When we’re not helping small businesses succeed online, we’re often found wearing costumes, telling jokes, hosting theme parties, eating candy, and doing whatever it takes to make an average day at the office productive and fun.

So while do use social to share helpful tutorials and important news updates, we also use it make you laugh with a joke or motivate you with an inspirational quote. We share inside peeks of the iPage headquarters, and the team that keeps it running. And we want to see what you’re doing too! Basically, we figure the best way to get to know you, is by letting you get to know us. And social media is the perfect place to connect with each other in that way.

Then, of course, there is our biggest fan and cutest mascot, “iPage Abby!” Have you met her yet? If not, be sure to follow us on Instagram where she makes most of her appearances.


5. To show your support for iPage. Which we so appreciate. Following a company on social media may seem like a simple click of the mouse to the user, but to the company being supportipagefollowed, it’s received as a vote of confidence and sign of loyalty. If you’re a business owner yourself, we’re sure you understand and agree.

At iPage, we work hard to help small businesses succeed and to be a web host that our customers are proud and excited to be a part of. So whenever someone chooses to follow us on social media, it tells us that we’re one step closer to achieving that goal. Each and every “follow” or “like” means one more person is supporting our brand. So if you have chosen to be one of our followers, we sincerely thank you! And we hope we’re doing our part in making your business or website a more successful one.


Think we could be doing a better job? Is there something in particular that you’d like us to post about? Let us know! You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. Or leave a comment below. And as always, you can reach us 24×7 by phone or chat. We’re listening…